It had to happen: the cases for PlayStation 5 are already a reality

It had to happen: the cases for PlayStation 5 are already a reality

The interchangeable covers of PlayStation 5

PlateStation 5

It goes without saying that this is a completely extra-official product that has nothing to do with PlayStation as a brand, and its original name could confuse more than one. The idea is just what many would think at the time: change the aesthetic appearance of the new console in a more reliable way without the need to use stickers or vinyls that do not help the internal cooling of the console.

Well, that is just what they have done in this British company called PlateStation 5, which has decided to create a series of interchangeable covers compatible with the new Sony console so that all those who wish to can give a touch of different color to your next generation console.

Various models available

PlateStation 5

The company already offers several different models of shells on its official website, among which we can find an attractive and limited version in matte black, and others in cherry, indigo blue, chrome and even camouflage. The attractiveness of the product is that its price is only 34.95 euros, so it does not suppose an exorbitant amount for two plastic plates with which to change the appearance of your console.

PlateStation 5

How have they done it?

To be honest, we do not know how they have managed to find the exact averages of the parts, nor the areas where the chassis anchors will go, but it seems that they have everything under control, and they ensure that the first orders will arrive on time for the console launch. Come on, you will be able to customize it from day one.

Are they reliable?

The product is nothing more than a piece of molded plastic, so having the correct anchoring areas would not pose any type of risk to your console. In addition, as we could see in the official PlayStation exploded view, the covers are easily removed with a couple of clicks and movements, so something tells us that these types of products could become quite popular accessories.

And no, removing the case is not complicated at all, and it will not invalidate the warranty of your console, since officially these parts can be removed by the user to connect an external SSD drive and to clean the dust accumulated by the console fan. . So, seeing what you’ve seen, have you already chosen your case?


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