Last week we did a survey on the importance of wireless charging on a smartphone. The technology is increasingly implemented at the top of the range and we wondered to what extent users value the functionality before scraping the card.

Well, it seems that most users value wireless charging on a smartphone. Our survey showed that 57% of users want the feature to be implemented on their smartphone.

Completion of survey on wireless charging on smartphones

Completion of survey on wireless charging on smartphones

I honestly did not expect this feature to be so desired. Personally, I am one of those that wireless charging is already a “deal breaker”.

since over the years I have implemented charging spaces in my home with wireless chargers, it does not seem to me advantageous to be buying a new smartphone that does not have a feature that I spent money to have.

In addition, it is extremely practical. If you’re at the desk, you just have to put the smartphone down to charge. If you go to the room, you land on the pad and you’re done. One thing is certain, every time you leave the house you will have a 100% battery.

Wireless charging only at the top of the range! For what reason?

wireless charging

The new technology became more popular as soon as Apple revealed it on their iPhones. Before that, the technology was already installed on Galaxy smartphones or even on Nexus models.

However, these days, we only have functionality at the top end. And not all of them. Manufacturers like Huawei and OnePlus have only opted (and will in the case of Oneplus) that the functionality be implemented in the “Pro” model.

I honestly see no reason to do anything but try to convince those like me – who are a deal breaker – to buy the Pro model instead of the “normal” model.

Well, this poll speaks for itself. More and more people value functionality. Hopefully, the technology will start to be available on more terminals. After all, it is not that expensive (or complicated) to enter into a mobile phone.

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