Is this the real image of OnePlus 8? There is a considerable difference!

Is this the real image of OnePlus 8? There is a considerable difference!

OnePlus is a company that has not rested in recent years. With 4 state-of-the-art smartphones a year and scheduled releases every 6 months, it's no wonder if OnePlus 8 was already in the testing phase and chosen for manufacture.

That's why these new images make us think. This is reportedly a prototype of OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro and there is a considerable difference from its predecessors.

A hole in the screen for the front camera

OnePlus 8 Prototype

The Pro model has a front pop-up camera, however the "normal" model has a notch. Well, this prototype shows us a small two-camera cutout in the upper right corner.

I personally don't think OnePlus will swap the "Pro" model pop-up camera for a hole in the screen. The brand boasts that it has a full screen and I don't think it will give up on that model. So we can assume that this is the "normal" model right? That is from OnePlus 8.

Is it the OnePlus 8 with that rear?

But we also have to discuss that rear. This is because if this really is the OnePlus 8 the rear completely escapes the ideology of 7T.

OnePlus 8 Prototype

I remember that OnePlus 7T was the first to incorporate camera modules into a circle. We then assume that this will be the design line of future mobile phones.

Importantly, the "Pro" model did not bring this ideology. That is, it may have been a simple experiment and realize to what extent these new lines are well accepted.

Before you assume that this is a OnePlus 7T Pro from its rear, note that the alignment of the flash and rear cameras are different. That is, that is a prototype of OnePlus. We just don't know which one.

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