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Is this the future of folding smartphones? TCL thinks so

Folding smartphones. This is the big trend of 2019 that undeniably 99% of consumers will have no wallet to pay. After the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei today unveiled its Mate X. More is coming, but TCL has already given a sniff of what its plans for this technology are.

The revelation was made today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And such as the Galaxy Fold, these devices remain untouched. The Verge managed to get close to the TCL prototype and showed what the owner of Alcatel and Blackberry is preparing.

Is this the future of folding smartphones? TCL thinks so
Image: The Verge

This TCL prototype is about the same size as the Galaxy Fold – 7.2 inch. However, neither this model can be touched nor is it possible to breathe near it. By the way, while staying near the TCL prototype, Vlad Savov (The Verge) did not see the smartphone folding or unfolding.

Is this the future of folding smartphones?

Indeed, what TCL means is that its patented 'DragonHinge' system is the future of folding smartphones. Given what we see, however, this smartphone is not fully folded. When closed, the screen scrolls, not fully folding.

Is this the future of folding smartphones? TCL thinks so
Image: The Verge

This is, however, a very embryonic phase of this project. The question is how far this solution is really better than a Galaxy Fold or Mate X. Another big question in this prototype is its battery.

In short, we are talking about a TCL bet that could mark 2020. The company's big idea is to democratize folding smartphones, making them more affordable. By the way, the idea is that they want to bring these devices below the four digits. With this intention alone, TCL already has all our support.

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