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Is the Mobile World Congress in danger because of the coronavirus?

GSMA is pronounced on the coronavirus

The Mobile World Congress has become over time one of the most important fairs of the year, no longer at European level but world. And it is that during its days of celebration many brands take the opportunity to show their star phones (among other products), models that will undoubtedly mark the global telephony market in the following months.

Such is the importance of this celebration, that every year the Mobile World Congress brings together thousands and thousands of people that literally come from all corners of the world to cover the information that is announced during those days.

MWC summary

This fact would not be of greater relevance if it were not because in this start of 2020 the coronavirus has monopolized all our attention. As you know, the famous wuham virus It is sweeping China and there have even been several deaths (132 according to official data) due to its contagion. Does the encounter of so many people around the world in a place like the MWC represent a potential danger?

Well, according to the GSMA, responsible for organizing the fair, no. The association has expressly stated in a brief statement to the US media Reuters what the MWC 2020 continues with the established plans and without a view to being canceled by this situation.


If at some point it has been rumored that the event could be canceled for fear of multiple contagion – it is impossible to control so many people and if there is a focus, it would be very easy to spread – the GSMA clear all kinds of doubts With this brief confirmation of your celebration by the end of February.

The fair continues but with more vigilance than ever

Although the GSMA has considered that the expansion of the virus is not a strong reason to cancel an event of such magnitude, the organization has acknowledged to be more above than ever, «Monitoring and evaluating» The impact of the Chinese virus outbreak, as it is also known.

MWC entrance in Barcelona

This association has also clarified that it is at all times taking into account the safety recommendations of the World Health Organization (it should be remembered that WHO has not declared at any time that it is a global emergency threat) and has agreed that it will provide additional medical assistance This year at the event venue. We also do not rule out the provision of some additional hygiene and prevention advice for attendees if the coronavirus continues to be 100% uncontrolled

We must have something clear: this statement does not mean that things could be twisted during this month in terms of expansion of the virus and its classification by WHO. Of course, today, MWC 2020 is considered a safe and risk-free site for contagion.

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