Home Apple Is the Apple Card being sexist? Dozens of reports say yes

Is the Apple Card being sexist? Dozens of reports say yes

Is the Apple Card being sexist? Dozens of reports say yes

The Apple Card has been talking since it was launched on August 20 in the United States, having received as much praise as criticism.

They are now facing serious charges in New York State, where the Finance Department has begun an investigation into possible 'sexist' practices. In practice, the investigation falls on Goldman Sachs bank, which is responsible for credit card development.

The @AppleCard is such a fucking sexist program. My wife and I filed joint tax returns, live in a community-property state, and have been married for a long time. Yet Apple's black box algorithm thinks I deserve 20x the credit limit she does. No appeals work.

– DHH (@dhh) November 7, 2019

Apple Card Accused of Granting Credit Limits 20 Times Lower to Women!

This new scandal began when David Hansson – founder of Basecamp – accused the Apple Card system of being sexist, clearly discriminating against women.

In the tweet published, Hansson reveals that by applying in conjunction with his wife to the Apple Card, she received a credit limit 20 times lower than his. Interestingly, they have shared bank accounts and her credit score is considerably higher, making this credit card assignment meaningless.

This publication ushered in a real "tornado" against the Apple Card and the credit approval / credit system implemented by Goldman Sachs. Hansson also revealed that during the process of solving this problem, Apple representatives have repeatedly stated that they have no control over the approval process and that the sole responsible is an "algorithm".

Dozens of identical cases prompted Apple Card investigation to begin

During the long reporting of events on David Hansson's situation, many users reported similar situations and some even more serious ones.

Interestingly, Steve Wozniak himself – Apple co-founder – responded to this Hansson publication. Wozniak said he experienced exactly the same problems, getting 10x more credit limit than his wife.

The same thing happened to us. I got 10x the credit limit. We have no separate bank or credit card accounts or any separate assets. Hard to get a human for a correction though. It's big tech in 2019.

– Steve Wozniak (@stevewoz) November 10, 2019

As is usually the case with credit application reviews, users (not even representatives) have access to the data analyzed to make the final decision. So, with so many reports coming out that allegedly undoubtedly reveal that women are being discriminated against, the New York State Finance Department has begun an official investigation.

It is not possible to know how long this investigation will take or what the possible final results will be. However, it is important that government institutions finally start to give importance and take action on these alleged events.

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