Is Popcorn Time safe without a VPN

In recent years, the Popcorn Time service has become a real bestseller, and all thanks to its digital library of films and TV shows, which users can enjoy for free. This open-source cross-platform streaming service is the only one that can withstand spam and cheap advertising. This is why it has earned the trust and love of users from all over the world.

However, most of the technical aspects of the service remains a mystery. Despite the fact that the program itself is completely legal, storing and downloading digital content on the device can still threaten you with litigation due to copyright infringement. Nobody wants to have problems with the law because of an episode of their favourite series!

But don’t worry! You can still watch your favourite movies and TV shows through the Popcorn Time service without worrying about harassment by the authorities. All you need for this is a good VPN service.

A VPN can hide your online activity and identity by connecting you to a remote server and changing your IP address to the server address. After that, third-party companies will no longer be able to track your activity online.

We do not urge anyone to distribute or download copyrighted content, but we believe in digital freedom and anonymity. Read on to find out how to use Popcorn Time securely and anonymously.

Quick Start Guide: How to Use Popcorn Time Using a VPN

Connecting to the Popcorn Time service via VPN is very simple: you don’t need any technical skills. To stay protected while viewing content, follow these instructions:

  1. Choose a good VPN service and plan that suits you. NordVPN is our best option.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your device.
  3. Connect to the desired server from the list of available servers of your VPN provider.
  4. Watch your content on Popcorn Time with strong protection!

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Why do you need a VPN to watch Popcorn Time safely?

Working with Popcorn Time is very simple, but using it without a VPN is pretty risky. Even if you live in a country with a more lenient policy towards torrent trackers, you can still become participants in the proceedings due to viewing content that has fallen under certain restrictions of a censorship nature.

In the past, users of Popcorn Time already had similar precedents, especially now, when governments of different countries began to take more and more stringent measures against torrent trackers and introduce strict laws to combat digital piracy. Moreover, there are cases when film companies sued individuals who illegally received their films, and also analyzed torrent networks for their films.

In 2015, eleven users of Popcorn Time in Oregon were sued by a movie company that directed the comedy-drama The Cobbler. The case was opened against these users only because they downloaded the movie. The lawsuit listed the IP addresses of users along with the names of their Internet providers, as well as the date and time when they accessed the file; claimants claimed $ 150,000 in compensation for damages and legal costs.

In the same way, 16 subscribers of Comcast service under the same law became participants in the trial for watching the movie “Survivor” online in 2015. Anonymous users were required to pay a fine of the minimum wage ($ 750). This was a warning to users of Popcorn Time.

You wouldn’t want to get into trouble just because you watched the movie online, would you? Accordingly, in order to look safer, you need a good VPN that will mask your online activity.

The VPN service will redirect your traffic through one of its servers, replacing your real IP address and thereby preserving your anonymity. All your online activity will be encrypted, that is, no one (even your own Internet provider) will be able to track it.

When you use a VPN, you can relax and be sure that your online identity will remain hidden from observation and that you will not encounter unpleasant consequences after watching Popcorn Time.

What features should a VPN have for Popcorn Time?

Choosing a VPN service to work with Popcorn Time, you need to make sure that it supports P2P networks. You will also need fast speeds to download and view online.

To keep your sensitive data anonymous, it would be better to choose a VPN with a high level of security and strong data encryption. In addition, the service must adhere to a strict, tax-free policy.

Despite the fact that free VPN providers are always glad to new customers, we strongly recommend that you avoid them: as a rule, they are not only limited in speed and network bandwidth (and this will not allow you to watch videos normally), but they can also Your data is at risk due to poor quality encryption.

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How else are VPN services useful?

A VPN service is not only able to protect your online anonymity, but also provide you with access to blocked content. You can easily connect to a server in the desired region and bypass geoblocks of streaming services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.

VPN also allows you to circumvent local restrictions – for example, the network at your workplace, school, and even government censorship! Just connect to a server in another country to view almost any content online without censorship!

The VPN service is also guaranteed to protect users from hackers, spyware and other online threats, even when you use a public Wi-Fi network.

Watch videos on Popcorn Time safely

A VPN can significantly increase your online security by protecting your data from third-party companies who are not averse to monitoring your online activity. The VPN will hide your IP address and encrypt traffic, providing you with the ability to watch Popcorn Time anonymously and securely.

Of course, a VPN service is not only a tool for those users who want to watch their favorite movies online and not worry about legal issues. This tool is for everyone who wants to be safe while accessing the Internet and at the same time have unlimited access to online content.