Is Motorola preparing a change in the interface of its Moto?

Is Motorola preparing a change in the interface of its Moto?
Motorola Moto G5 Android Smartphone Moto interface
Can Motorola change the interface (UI) of its Moto smartphones?

Motorola has grown in popularity by using a very simple and lightweight graphical user interface (UI), with pure or little changed Android. Similar to what we find on Google's own smartphones like the Nexus and / Pixel. Now the brand may be considering applying a different interface to their Moto.

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It is hard to believe that Motorola can use an interface other than its usual almost pure Android, with only one brand or other App of its own. No big changes or heavy animations, its UI has always been one of its great assets. However, the brand may be preparing significant changes or a new interface concept.

Motorola without its usual Moto interface?

This seems to me to be seriously far-fetched and even counterproductive if applied, but little by little, if you use a Moto smartphone, you may have noticed that this interface has been slightly modified.

Motorola Moto X Style interface
Using a very lightweight interface has always characterized Motorola

These are more rounded icons, variations in animations or simple more transparent elements. These are small touches that may indicate a change of direction to be studied for Motorola Moto smartphones.

Moreover, it should be noted that recently the builder stated that these slight changes were applied through a launcher own brand that runs on pure Android or Android AOSP ((Android Open Source Project).

Still, it is the desire of most of the fan community for this brand to use an even simpler interface closer to pure Android so that Moto always uses a skin very light not to "weigh" in the smartphone settings.

Motorola looking for a new interface?

In the image you can see above, a screenshot taken by the site androidpit, we can see that the builder is asking the opinion of all participants on what is the best interface or launcher for Android. Which is the most beautiful of all. In the range of options we have Motorola interface, Xiaomi MIUI, Samsung Experience, Huawei EMUI, etc.

Motorola Moto Android smartphone
Motorola Search / © AndroidPIT (screenshot)

We don't know what Motorola will do with this feed back collected during the survey but can conclude that this is a comprehensive survey that focuses on users' habits and preferences regarding the use of various brands / interfaces.

Note that none of the options provided to choose from have a App drawer or drawer for applications, icons and other native elements of pure Android. It remains to be seen if this demonstrates Motorola's interest in developing a more personalized interface for its own brand.

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What is your preference for the smartphone interface? Do you like something closer to pure Android or a more comprehensive and personalized experience?

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