Is Kodi Legal? This is Everything You Should Know

Is Kodi Legal This is Everything You Should Know

Today we Look at is Kodi Legal? We cover everything that you need to know

Kodi has recently been under the spotlight a few times this year, in this post we are going to look at the legal aspects surrounding this streaming software. Kodi is a free Media Center software that is completely open-source, which of late is becoming entangled in many complex legal concerns.  We are going to answer some of the main questions including is Kodi legal and finally find out if you can use Kodi lawfully in 2018.

Explaining Kodi Media Centre

Kodi is LegalKodi is mainly used as a common term to explain the functions of the software, but the application itself is designed to perform one main function, letting you import, arrange and see your media library. This was originally developed for the Xbox Media Center, which was developed in 2004. 

Kodi started life as XBMC, a few versions later Kodi.14 Helix released and has been growing very quickly until today’s most stable release to date Kodi 17.6. The program has continued to increase through deals with organizations like Acquia, Alienware and Bytemark and also donations from around the Kodi community.

This progress is vital since it gives a roadmap of legitimacy when talking about Kodi. By itself, Kodi is only a media centre and is a really practical Media Centre without any additions. Some users, like the ones running on some Android Boxes, lack choices when looking for a good media centre, so Kodi is a very attractive option.

From what we have learned so far about Kodi it is easy to answer the question is Kodi legal? Kodi is completely legal. The software itself is not illegal, this does not mean whatever you do with it’s is legal, that’s a completely diffrent question altogether.

Programmers can produce add-ons which are not formally approved by Kodi or the company behind it since the program is open-source. These unofficial 3rd party add-ons do not undergo any type of screening process and might not be completely legal.

Speaking about Kodi, the question reverses to that of which Kodi cannot do. It is just like a saviour from the digital world adding numerous tastes at your disposal, It supports a massive selection of devices and operating systems. Be it audio, video articles or graphics, Kodi supports in a lot of formats.

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Who is cracking down on Kodi?

Kodi is legal in all corners of the world, however, Kodi supports 3rd party add-ons a developer can create an add-on for kodi that will allow access to Movie sites or Live streams. It is these add-ons which can sometimes cause copyright issues making the famous media player get attention from law authorities.

If you are a Kodi user you could have seen the recent crackdown of Kodi add-ons, Its been in the newspapers, an alliance was made by the entertainment sector and copyright holder to take radical steps in closing numerous add-in developers.

Recently major players in the Kodi community called J Sergio 123, ZemTV along with the Alpha was warned so the closed their doors once and for all. This created a tide of fear across other developers. The MPA established an anti-piracy coalition alliance for illegal distribution of articles, which makes them take down pirated articles from Kodi. A favourite group called Ares Project was a casualty of MPA who attracted nearly 100 million Kodi users.

Kodi add-ons are they legal?

Kodi is Legal

A distinction has to be created between “Kodi” and “Kodi add-ons” users put on it. Knowing this is what’s crucial to understanding where you are legally.

Add-ons are developed by users improvements into the applications that make potential anything which may be composed into the software. The XBMC Foundation supplies a formal repository of those add-ons which are entirely legal. Some fantastic add-ons such as SoundCloud and YouTube are available there, but that is not exactly what most are searching for when utilizing Kodi.

XBMC lets users distribute their particular add-ons also, and these frequently sit around the darker region of the legal chart. Add-ons like Covenant and Elysium lets you watch pirated content, cutting to the profit of these big media companies producing it.

Let us compare it to something that lots of men and women are acquainted with: torrenting. You have the capability to download copyrighted material via torrents, but the software that you torrent with, like uTorrent, aren’t themselves outlawed.

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XBMC lets users distribute their particular add-ons also, and these frequently sit around the darker region of the legal chart. Add-ons that lets you watch pirated content, reducing revenue to the big media companies producing it.

Let us relate it to something that lots of men and women are acquainted with using: torrenting. It is possible to download unauthorised copyrighted material via torrents, but the software that you use to torrent with, like uTorrent, aren’t themselves outlawed.

What Makes Kodi Illegal?

Kodi is LegalKodi has just been highlighted in a court of law when specific criteria have been fulfilled. While no end users have been directly affected, a couple of Kodi-related lawsuits have been raised. Looking at a single such instance helps expose exactly what pints are being targeted and what is not.

Let us take Malcolm Mayes, as an example, he started selling Kodi TV boxes fully loaded to bars in Teesside and surrounding areas,  for up to £1,000 per, targeting companies that wanted to show live Premier League matches to customers. Mayes promoted this company via ads in national papers, saying the boxes were legal. This was not accurate, also Mayes was finally ordered to court by the government, finally agreeing to pay a gigantic £250,000 charge.

The government built the prosecution around the sale and marketing of those boxes. Since Mayes generated earnings using all the 3rd party add-ons installed, he, in fact, took away money from people who created the content.

The law gets a bit messy when going across the other side of the water. Canada and the U.S  do have copyright legislation’s, but not one of which applies to Kodi. Downloading and saving copyrighted material illegitimately is against the Law, even for private usage, but if you are only streaming it isn’t.

All unofficial add-ons that access copyrighted material only acts as search engines for different websites, middlemen, serving the users but not formally keeping it. Due to that, they’re completely legal and can’t be chased directly from the States.

Simply speaking, Kodi remains legal, and also the unofficial add-ons that encourage piracy are lawful, however, the pirated content itself isn’t legal. It can sometimes seem like Kodi is working through loopholes.

The U.S. is definitely not against taking action for this type of practice. The current vote on net neutrality, as an instance, shows more interest in ISPs and not as much for consumers. Further changes can also be rolled out, permitting legal actions against individuals who are streaming copyrighted material from the United States.

Easily Protect yourself using Kodi

Free VPN for 1 YearYou want to protect yourself when using Kodi regardless of the current or future state, ISPs still monitor your IP, and copyright solicitors can still acquire the IPs of users who stream or download content that is copyrighted. If you would like to stop a note in your letterbox, you want to register to get a VPN.

A VPN keeps you anonymous when you are using the internet. UK law allows ISPs to monitor, store and share your IP address along with other people, which means that what you do online may always be noticed. A VPN reroutes you, revealing another IP and which makes you untraceable.

Using a VPN is just good practice, it makes sure your information, that ought to be private, remains that way. If there is a way to keep your anonymity, you should not think twice about using it.


Is Kodi closing down or is it here to stay in 2018? 

Kodi is finalising the last steps in their latest release 18.0 Leia The program is in beta testing and is working and well-known add-ons, it has also just been released on the XBox 1.

With the newest upgrade having shiny new features like utilising your smartphone as a remote, voice into text address and  Android TV OS support. Kodi is here to stay and is not going anywhere regardless of the crackdowns. With so many big plans for the future, Kodi is going from strength to strength and is not closing down anytime soon.

Recap Is kodi legal

To conclude, if you still find yourself asking is Kodi legal? The answer is YES like a uTorrent is legal. Add-ons enable piracy as numerous torrents do, but it does not leave the program responsible. Even though the XBMC Foundation strays into warm water, it is improbable that any lawsuit could stick. For the time being, use Kodi to its fullest scope, just be certain you have a VPN set up whilst doing this.


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