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2017 EU law is Kodi legal |is Selling Kodi Boxes illegal | what is kodi

We look at the law on Kodi as it stands 2017 Is Kodi legal, Kodi Streaming legal. Selling Pirate Boxes illegal and what is Kodi?

There has always a bit of a grey area when people talk about Kodi and what’s legal and what’s not illegal. Today we are going to try to clear a few things up. In this post, we are going to look at is Kodi legal? Is streaming legal? Can you sell a Kodi box fully loaded?

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2017 EU law is Kodi legal |is Selling Kodi Boxes illegal? fully loaded kodi is a no-no, Kodi TV box sellers arrested but Yes Kodi is legal

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a Media centre and is one of the most powerful pieces of entertainment software around. Kodi lets users stream a range of content – whether it’s from the web or local devices. This includes movies, TV, sports, TV shows and games. Kodi formally known as XBMC is an application that runs on most TV boxes and can give limitless entertainment. Kodi also allows the use of 3rd party add-ons allowing you to get access to content through the internet. Kodi will also allow you to play any media file you have on a local drive. Kodi gets installed on the following platforms: Windows, Android, Mac O SX, Linux, Apple IOS and the Raspberry Pi. The software Kodi is ultimately a media player. Just like a CD player or Video player, except Kodi, plays digital media. 

Is Kodi legal? Yes, Kodi is legal!

Kodi is one of the most powerful pieces of entertainment software around and lets users stream a range of content – whether it’s from the web or local devices. But with so much on offer – including movies, sports, and games – it’s understandable to ask: “Is Kodi legal?”  The simple answer is yes.Kodi is a piece of streaming software designed to display content on a range of devices, and that means it’s perfectly legal. If you have a DVD player or a PC only because it can play any media file it does not make it illegal. Kodi is digital media centre software that you can install on many different platforms.

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Is Streaming legal? Yes, Streaming is legal in the EU!

If we look at the law on streaming as it stands 2016 you can stream content from an online source if you don’t download and save the media.At the time of writing, no EU resident has so far been prosecuted for watching an internet stream. In 2015, the UK government has provided £3.1m to educate residents on how to get access to content. The IPO also works with the European Commission to find better ways to make content available to buy and view across borders which may help to cut ‘pirate’ content and geo-blocking.On 5 June 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that the existing EU copyright exemptions for temporary copies apply to viewing and streaming online. Viewing or streaming, the court says, it is different to making a copy and would be exempt from copyright laws, but the copies “media must be temporary, that files must be transient or incidental in nature and that they must constitute an integral and essential part of a technological process.” CASE LAWSOURCEIPVanish VPN

Update 01/05/2017 Court of Justice of the European Union ruling

“The sale of a multimedia player which enables films that are available illegally on the internet to be viewed easily. And for free on a television screen could constitute an infringement of copyright. The temporary reproduction on a Kodi box of a copyright-protected work obtained by streaming. Is not exempt from the right of reproduction”

EU Kodi streaming ruling 2017

The latest 2017 EU court’s ruling on copyright and media streaming specifically for pirate box sellers and third-party developers that use Kodi with pirated content for their own profit also you as the end-user could be prosecuted due to recent court proceedings stated below.
  • In a recent case and having regard to the streaming content the advertising of the multimedia player and the main attraction of that player for potential purchasers is the pre-installation of the addons concerned, the Court finds that the purchaser of such a player accesses a free and unauthorised offer of protected works deliberately and in full knowledge of the circumstances.
  • You will be able to find the judgement here
  • And can find the EU Court’s opinion here
  • Also the last Application here.

How to stay legal online

Now that you are up to date with the newest developments let’s look at what else is in involved with this issue as it has kicked up a real storm around the globe lately. We continue to offer our customers the tools they need to have a media streaming device that is legal and full of all the right applications. This will help you stay within the boundaries of the law also we offer you access to services like a VPN service which we recommend.Using a VPN such as IPVanish could really help you out in your online security and safe from snooping eyes. IPVanish provides a secure environment for everyday web use. Once you establish a VPN connection all of your online data (emails, instant messages, data transfers, online banking) pass through an encrypted tunnel. keeping your online activity private. Have you seen our how to install a VPN on any device post? if not have a quick read.

Avoid Fully loaded TV boxes

If you use social media groups or just reading the newspaper or watching telly you will have heard the stories about the pirate box sellers. It’s because of these that there is a lot of bad press surrounding Kodi and reputable Android-powered TV box device distributors such as here at EBox. The pirates have loaded up the boxes with sometimes unknown firmware and applications such as Kodi and apk files that are free. Pirate box sellers will then put them out into the community advertised as fully loaded. They install these in a short time and use third-party add-ons with links to pirate websites.They wash their hands of any responsibilities that go to the upkeep of your device as any box user or person using Kodi knows it is not a device that you plug-in and it will last for years. Unless you know how to keep up with maintenance such as simple tasks as updates are very important. Here at EBox, we pride ourselves in our upkeep of our Kodi smart TV devices we have a great team of staff on hand. You have access to our tech repair centre via your device. or online or by phone. There is also a great OTA App installed on your device as well as the latest EBMC also our 4.4 version for older devices to enjoy current Kodi 17 Krypton.

Is Selling fully loaded Kodi Boxes illegal? you can not!

Selling fully loaded Kodi boxes with Kodi add-ons or apps like ShowboxMobdro, is illegal in the EU. It is illegal to modify set-top boxes to receive digital TV subscription channels for free.

Selling devices which bypass subscription services, to access pay-to-view TV, including movies and sports is against the law.

So, by installing Kodi addons or apps that allow others to watch content out of the box without any prior configuration before you sell them is a no-no. You cannot walk into Tesco and buy a box that allows you to watch free Sky TV or the latest blockbuster release. Check out our post on what apps we install on our TV boxes. Kodi addons and apps should only be left to the end-user to install. It’s not like there are not websites that show you how to install Kodi addons.

What is kodi

Kodi TV box sellers arrested!

Over the last 12 months we have seen a crackdown on people who sell fully loaded Android TV boxes.The days of being able to buy Android TV boxes blatantly loaded. And advertised as offering pirated satellite and cable content are ending.Traders that have offered Android boxes. Complete with apps that enable free viewing of TV shows, movies, and live sports events. Found themselves in hot water after raids by UK authorities. Trading Standards, police, and Sky TV.  (these include sellers that add Kodi fully loaded)If you buy a TV box that’s fully loaded from a seller offering free content there is a good chance he will be getting a call from the serious crime squad. They will not be around to support you if your device breaks or is faulty.

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You can read a few cases of Android TV box sellers getting arrested. And shut down HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE.

If we look back to July 2011. When three men got jailed a total of 15 years for selling modified Virgin set-top boxes.This group of people modified Virgin set-top boxes to watch free TV. Yes decrypting satellite transmissions is different to streaming with Kodi. The truth is if you sell a box that you can plug-in and start watching free TV. Without any prior configuration then you’re doing the same thing.

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Selling devices which bypass subscription services, to access pay-to-view TV, including movies and sports is illegal.

We hope we have cleared up a few questions about is Kodi legal. If you on the lookout for a new Android TV box. Then don’t go looking for a fully loaded device, you are only going to get your fingers burnt overall

Kodi is in fact still 100% legal

Yes, that’s right Kodi which is a legal media player. That could be used with devices in your home such as DVD player. Or your media files stored on your PC. Configured to work with most video and audio formats. It is often when used to describe it likened to services such as Netflix or iTunes. Also, earlier reported that Digital Rights Management DRM Technology will likely be introduced into Kodi. In the future to try to attract the more popular companies such as Netflix. So they have no fear of their content being stolen for pirate use. When asked to describe Kodi? the simplest way to break it down is to think of it as an empty plate with lots of potential. It’s once you add the ingredients from the menu it becomes a great dish.Please feel free to have a look on our website and in our shop at our best boxes and accessories. In stock items, can be delivered in the UK next day if orders before 2pm. Also now our Chicago distribution warehouse offers delivery services for US customers..

EntertainmentBox have been trading for over 4 years and have built up quite a following. We will do what ever is necessary to keep trading and offering excellent customer service without breaking the law.

You can be assured that we as a seller and what we sell is 100% legal. And as our customers will tell you, our customer service is second to none.2017 EU law is Kodi legal, is Selling Kodi Boxes illegal.Find out how the Best TV Box


Yes KODI is Legal Detailed info


Add on setup’s are Down to user’s choice

2017 EU law is Kodi Legal
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