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Is it still worth buying the Mi Band 3 from Xiaomi?

A friend asked me about Xiaomi's Mi Band 3. The question was as simple as the title of this article "Is it still worth buying the Mi Band 3?". However, my answer was not so simple. It depends!

It depends on many aspects, so I believe that, like my friend, many curious to have their first smartband are wondering about it. After all Mi Band 4 is here at the door.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

If the investment were bigger, maybe my answer would have been an immediate no, but that's not the case. It costs just over 23 € in an online store can be purchased for 29 € in a physical store in UK. That is, the investment is not considerable. That is why "it depends" is the answer that I think is the most appropriate.

What are the advantages and disadvantages


  • The new version (Mi Band 4) is about to be released. It is scheduled for the end of May 2019


  • It is a quality smartband
  • The price is very affordable
  • Has a heart rate meter
  • Has step meter given
  • Has distance traveled meter
  • Has a sleep meter
  • Long autonomy
  • Super customizable

The question of whether or not to buy Mi Band 3 goes through what the successor will bring. Rumor has it that the Mi Band 4 will arrive with NFC and color display. NFC is not very useful for UK’s or Brazilians because Google Play and Mi Band 3 NFC services are intended for China.

The color screen will make the range shorter. If you want a color screen? Wait. If you want more autonomy buy Mi Band 3.

Mi Band 4 will be a long time coming to UK

Xiaomi mi band 3

Even though Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is here at the door, launching into stores will take time. First the smartband is announced and comes out in China. Then we have websites from China selling with User Interface in English and Chinese. Only when the User Interface is in UK’s will UK receive the bracelet.

That is, only for September / October will we have the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for sale in physical stores. Note that these are assumptions of time through Xiaomi's past.

In short, the Mi Band 3 is a good buy.

I cannot be clearer than this. Even though Mi Band 4 is at the doorstep, I still believe that buying the Mi Band 3 is a gadget that you should seriously consider. Even now!

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