(IPTV) Internet-Based Protocol Television


A recent BOOM has been seen in IPTV Services by various providers and resellers all over the internet. You can find them in Facebook groups on twitter and various other social media platforms. IPTV Services are mainly targeting users in the UKUSAIreland, and also Russia, as well as other EU countries. IPTV providers offer content primarily using Android Apps, Kodi Add-ons or other methods.

A huge user base who own TV boxes on Android is now moving towards IPTV as a way to watch Live TV or Movies. With 100s of legal IPTV services offering a wide range of services from VOD to TVoD users are spoilt for choice. In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about IPTV – Internet-Based Protocol Television and how it works.

Time for Change

If you want to start streaming TV and have a look online you will see many things, IPTV being one of these. We are undergoing a shift in the way we view TV; we used only to have the choice of satellite TV or cable. But now things are changing for the better with the help of something called IPTV. By having a subscription, you can now stream live TV and movies over the internet rather than the traditional way. 

We Take A Look At What IPTV Is And How It Can Benefit You!

What’s IPTV?

IPTV is short for Internet-based Protocol Television where you use the internet to provide TV programs & videos. These can be either on demand or live. And is a method where a digital television service is delivered to the subscriber through the internet. By using a broadband or internet connection and TV box, users can now watch anything they choose.

IPTV is a little different from most online streaming services that are used by millions like Netflix and YouTube, but it shares a bit of the structure. Unlike standard satellite or cable connection, you can install IPTV on multiple TV sets using one subscription. It also provides the viewers with the extra benefit and luxury of being able to choose the content they want whenever they want.

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How Is IPTV Different To Cable Or Satellite? 

To understand how IPTV is different from Cable or Satellite, let’s compared to the traditional mode of viewing Cable or Satellite with IPTV.

Cable and Satellite: 

Both operate by allowing the user to watch to certain channels. The difference between cable and satellite are simple. Cable TV will use fibre or another type of connection to deliver their signal to a box that is then transmitted to the TV. Virgin Media is a prime example of a UK Cable provider. Whereas Satellite TV will use a dish that will capture a signal transmitted via a satellite in space, the signal is then transmitted into a box then onto the television. Sky TV is a prime example of a UK Satellite TV provider.  


Uses a different way of getting content to the TV. By using television broadcast over Internet Protocols or IPTV, companies can now offer uses Internet Protocol (IP). Internet Protocol or IP is the term used for transferring data packets between computers connected to the internet.

This allows providers to send UHD quality TV channels and movies to a set-top box over the internet that has a connection speed of only 10MBPS. IPTV uses servers to get the content onto the TV, by using an app it connects to a provider’s services thus streaming the content directly onto the TV. 

Internet Protocol (IP) is now the preferred chosen method to watch TV as its so convenient. The IPTV providers can now offer a broader range of services as the data can be stored on servers and accessed by uses at any time. You are now no longer limited to what you watch and when you watch it. Providers can save a vast amount of data on servers, and can now do a lot of things you could only dream about a few years ago.

Let us find out what IPTV is!

Types Of IPTV Services

There are many types of services offered by lots of providers and below you will find out in a little bit more information on the different types of IPTV services that can be provided such as;

1)  Live TelevisionYou can stream any live television station currently being broadcasted. 

2) Video on Demand:  Allows subscription user access to Video’s stored on a server. A user can access these movies whenever required from the VoD server’s media library.

3) TV on Demand (TVoD): This allows for pre-recorded Live TV shows to be played back at your convenience. 

4) Time-shifted TV: With Time-shifted TV any subscribers can rewind pause or even watch live tv later.

5) Near Video on Demand: Will have the same film running over and over again at different timeslots. For example, a cinema will show a movie at 10:00 am and then have another show at 10:30 am. Near Video on Demand works in the same way, by re-showing the same video at different intervals, typically 10–20 minutes. 

IPTV What You Need To Know

Although a few significant players are providing IPTV services that are fuelling an enormous growth, It looks like users viewing habits could turn more towards TVOD and OTT as streaming services like Hulu and Netflix have seen a year on year rise in subscriptions

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