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IPhones 11 Success Makes Apple Boost Production

IPhones 11 Success Makes Apple Boost Production

The new iPhones 11 are having above average success. This is if we look at Apple's measures by increasing the production of its new smartphones by 10%.

According to Nikkei, Apple has decided to demand lower demand than last year's models for fear of the mobile sector retraction. However, it seems that sales of the new iPhones 11 have been higher than those of its predecessors which has led the company to increase its production.

Demand for iPhones 11 is good at the moment but will go down, it's a matter of time!

Like everything else in life, the iPhones 11 sales cycle will eventually slow down. However, according to the Nikkei report, this peak in sales and production is expected to be longer on new phones than last year's models.

"Demand is good for now. But we have to be careful not to be too optimistic"referred an executive to Nikkei."I hope this year's high season lasts longer than last year"

iPhones 11 little changed but promise more

More power, better cameras and more autonomy. These are the promises of Apple's new smartphones. Although the design does not evade much of its predecessors, these new equipment has won the lovers of the American company.

Apple iPhone 11, iPhones 11

The iPhone 11 is one of the most sought so far. As with the predecessor Xr, this smartphone has a more "modest" value and specifications that do not leave it far behind the Pro models.

Still, it is worth noting that the model is at 829 € and has a LCD screen that is not FullHD. A decision that continues to make some fans of the brand sad. Personally I am one of them.

But with Apple this is so. You can not have everything. The iPhone 11 is a good choice for anyone looking for a new smartphone that lasts for a few years and has above average quality. Losing in features compared to competitors, however, it is the latest Apple product with the best price and iOS inside.

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