iPhone XS Max outpaces Samsung Galaxy Note 9

iPhone XS Max outpaces Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Apple iPhone XS Max
Cupertino's flagship is now more capable.

They are two colossal mobile devices, each representing the best that its manufacturer can do. On one side we have the new Apple iPhone XS Max, on the other we have the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. So we have again the debate / confrontation between Android vs iOS.

With the two mobile devices already on the market is the luxury alignment for the end of 2018. There are two devices that exceed the threshold of 1000 € and there are several differences between them. Now we can see a little of what separates them on video.

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Firstly, for these two manufacturers, the duel between Android and iOS is virtually irrelevant. Were it not for them to be the market leaders and profit leaders in this competitive smartphone and mobile market.

Yet it is always tempting for the reader / consumer to see such comparisons and speed duels. So we can now see the full potential of each of these smartphones and this time Apple iPhone XS Max stands out the most.

Apple iPhone XS Max outperforms Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Apple has promised significant improvements thanks to its new A12 Bionic processor, present in all three new iPhones. Now this video shows us exactly the difference this processor (and 4GB of RAM) can make. In practice the Apple iPhone XS Max can far outperform the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This in the speed of opening applications, among other tasks included in the testing protocol. Moreover, it should be noted that the test was carried out by the YouTube channel. PhoneBuff

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Apple iPhone XS Max 1
Here we can see a comparative list of the technical characteristics of each.

Firstly, it should be noted that this test is divided into several steps, the first being the processing speed. We also have multitasking or multitasking tests as well as photo uploads, among others like opening the camera application.

There are several stages of testing but in almost every Apple iPhone XS Max is the most capable device. Note that unless you have both devices and use them everyday, this is unlikely to tease you.

Back to the iOS vs. Android duel with these tops

In other words, unless you absolutely wanted to have the fastest smartphone of the moment, this video is just entertainment. In fact, not even benchmark scores should be taken as absolute truths, let alone a reflection of actual day-to-day performance.

However, it is still interesting to see the potential of the new processor as well as the new devices that use it. In short, we have two fantastic devices here that will perfectly satisfy the users.

In short, it will all depend on the type of use and services you want to get from a mobile device. Still, out of curiosity I leave you with the video quiz at the end of this article.

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