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'iPhone Pro' may be the name of upcoming Apple mobile phones

'iPhone Pro' may be the name of upcoming Apple mobile phones

The new iPhones are just a few weeks away from September. However, their nomenclature may change dramatically according to leaker CoinX, who tweeted the name 'iPhone Pro'.

“Pro” for iPhone? Crazy naming schemes over the past few years.

– CoinX (@coiiiiiiiin) August 10, 2019

This industry leaker has some clear predictions in its history as guessing the name of the iPhone XS / XR. Additionally, the leaker also predicted the launch of the 10.5 inch iPad Air.

Although vague, the publication may have some real background. So we may be looking at the new iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Maxby dropping the numbers of the equation. For the successor to the iPhone XR, the name may be iPhone Pro XR (bad nomenclature, in my opinion).

What to expect from iPhones in 2019?

ihpone 11
IPhone 2019 'Dummy'

The most salient feature of the 2019 iPhones is certainly the camera setup. We have a set of 3 sensors in the upper left corner of the back cover of the phone. One of the sensors is expected to have an ultra-angular lens.

Other more obvious features are larger batteries and the processor upgrade to the supposed Apple A13. The new iPhone may also feature reverse wireless charging, so you can charge AirPods or even Apple Watch.

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