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iPhone is poor phone and Huawei rich, at least in China

Apple users are said to be “invisible poor” – those who appear to live longer than their financial circumstances. This is one of the poignant conclusions of a study published in China.

According to the Soutch China Morning Post (SCMP), Apple iPhone users in China are, as a rule, less educated and face more difficulties, having less assets in their sphere. The study is by the agency MobData.

China’s “invisible poor”


Compared with smartphone users Huawei and Xiaomi as main Chinese brands, the North American brand is used as a social platform, hiding, several times, a paradoxical reality.

The study by the Shanghai-based agency says that the majority of iPhone users in China are female, in the age group 18 and 34 years, mostly single. Academic qualifications are obtained by the secondary education certificate.

Furthermore, this group of users earns, on average, 3,000 yuan, equivalent to $ 457, or 383 euros per month at the current conversion rate. It is in light of these findings that this group of users is called “the invisible poor”.

Those who do not appear to be poor, although their financial circumstances are anything but lavish.

Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO are the pride of China

The opposite spectrum has users of Huawei phones. As a rule, male individuals, married, occupying the age group between 25 and 34 years, with the most common academic qualification being the degree in higher education.

The average remuneration for this group ranges from 5,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, about 640 to 2,550 euros per month. The scope of the analysis was made in 2018, with the agency keeping an eye on these and other indicators since then.

It also points out the preference of individuals with higher educational qualifications for brands such as Xiaomi and Huawei, coinciding with a higher average monthly remuneration. At the opposite end, in China, there are iPhone users.

Apple is the world’s second largest manufacturer of mobile devices, competing for this place with Huawei. First, Samsung remains an isolated leader, especially now that Huawei is facing a sharp drop in sales in Europe.

The popularity of the Apple iPhone is unquestionable, both in China and in other regions of the globe. The profile of users continues to be the subject of study by MobData, a company founded in 2017 in Shanghai.

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