iPhone falls overboard and is returned to its owner by a whale (video)

iPhone falls overboard and is returned to its owner by a whale (video)

The video was posted on Instagram by Isa Larsson, and quickly went viral. After someone drops their iPhone overboard, we see a beluga on a rescue mission, becoming the queen of the day.

If there was no video to prove, we would not believe the story. After the controversy with the “spy” whale, behold a new beluga is back in sight on Norwegian lands.

According to the posting on the social network, the rescue took place in Hammerfest, a port city in Norway. In a situation where the smartphone seemed lost to its owner, the fact that the white whale saved it makes the whole situation unusual.

Theories talk about one more spy or manipulated video

As Android Police writes, the theories around this case follow one another. It has already been linked to spy Russian whales, claiming that the beluga in question may be trained. And there is also talk of the possibility of the video being manipulated.

beluga white whale

Believing this to be a true situation, the owner of this iPhone is the luckiest person in the world. Who has never been unlucky with their devices and wished there was an animal ready to help that throws the first stone. However, it is not known if the device survived the water.

In the end, this beluga saved the day. After the so-called spy whale that appeared off Norway, we are now moved by this act. Or there was just good image manipulation, and we were all fooled.

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