iPhone 9 reveals its design in short ‘hands-on’ video

iPhone 9 reveals its design in short 'hands-on' video

Apple is expected to introduce a successor to the iPhone SE in March. This economical model will be known as iPhone 9 and will have a design strongly inspired by the iPhone 8.

If there were any doubts about the last fact, today we have the first video hands-on the device. This was published by the Sparrow News channel and confirms our expectations.

In the video above we can confirm that the iPhone 9 will look very similar to the iPhone 8. Looking at its rear and front it is almost impossible to distinguish them.

However, the sides of the iPhone 9 are different from the model that inspires it. The model we see in the video has more straight lines, which quickly bring to mind the iPhone 5. Incidentally, the iPhone 12 will also be inspired by this model.

iPhone 9 comes without 3.5mm input

Apple was one of the first companies to abandon 3.5mm audio input. It did so with the presentation of the iPhone 7 in 2016, and this created a trend in the mobile market.

So it is without major surprises that we find that the iPhone 9 will come without this entry. At the bottom of the smartphone we see only its Lightning input and the usual speaker and microphone.

Presentation may take place on March 31

As with the iPhone SE, this model is also expected to be unveiled at Apple’s spring event. Although nothing is official, the iPhone 9 is expected to be presented on March 31.

As we can see today, this will feature a design strongly inspired by the iPhone 8, however, its specifications will be the same as the iPhone 11. In other words, we will have a traditional look, but the power required for today’s dais.

The great attraction of this model will be its price, which, according to rumors, will total 499 €. This will be the ideal model for everyone who wants to enter the Apple ecosystem, but without spending a lot of money on a smartphone.

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