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iPhone 8 Spends a Lost Year on the River and Works Like Nothing Happens

iPhone 8 Spends a Lost Year on the River and Works Like Nothing Happens

It was in UK that this story happened and shared in the Facebook group "Apple Fans UK" by the user "Miguel Carvalho". Your iPhone 8, lost a year ago on the river with your documents, was found and returned to GNR.

According to the iPhone user, it all happened on June 28, 2018. Yesterday it appeared, it was delivered to him and, to his astonishment, the smartphone was fully operational after charging. Even if you could stand the water, you couldn't stand the battery!


IPhone 8 protection case helped

This "miracle" did not happen by itself. Although the phone has water resistance, according to Miguel, the protective cover helped. We can see in the photos the cover of the equipment with various brands of wear.

Apple iPhone 8 River

Even so, it is not the first time we have heard such a story. IP68 certified water resistant mobile phones tend to withstand good weather underwater because they are designed for it. Even so, no brand will guarantee you that if you throw your smartphone into the river and fetch it a year later it will work.

This is one of those stories that are perfect for breaking ice at a dinner party. "Did you know my smartphone spent a year on the river?" Miguel has a topic of conversation here that few will ever have.

Is it still worth buying the iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 was officially launched in September 2017 and was the first iPhone (alongside the iPhone X and 8 Plus) to feature wireless charging and glass construction.

IPhone 8 is far from the most attractive design on the market or the best specs you can find. Still, it is one of those that is selling well. Mainly for the value of just over 600 €.

Still, if you don't want to have an iPhone (iOS) choosing an Android model for the same value is certainly more advantageous. If you already prefer iOS and the Apple ecosystem, it's still a good terminal to carry in your pocket.

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