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IPhone 8 prototype shows us terminal details

Alleged iPhone 8 | Credit: BGR
Alleged iPhone 8 | Credit: BGR

Gradually we begin to see more and more rumors of the next iPhone. Still unnamed, the Apple model has been dubbed the iPhone 8, but some believe in an iPhone 7S instead of the model 8.

So far we believe that the cupertino company 's new device will offer us a slightly different design from its predecessors and if everything goes as rumors have said, we will have here a terminal to consider.

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Apple is said to be investing in OLED displays for its iPhone 8 and even the 4.7 "inch model is expected to bring us an FHD display.

Alleged iPhone 8 | Credit: BGR
Alleged iPhone 8 | Credit: BGR

New photographs brought by BGR reveal what is allegedly going to be the next iPhone 8 and it seems we will have some relevant differences.

First, at the rear we will tell, according to these rumors, a vertical double chamber. The back seems to be glass, which feeds the idea that the iPhone 8 could also bring wireless charger.

The metal sides show a glow that has not been seen on an iPhone since its first model. Since this year is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, it is perfectly plausible that Apple will bring some design features identical to the first model.

Something to highlight in this alleged prototype is also the front of the smartphone. Your device has a "edge to edge"which will dictate the end of the familiar home button.

Of course, so far all this information is no more than half-dozen rumors of a smartphone's picture that even the Apple logo doesn't have to be taken into account.

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