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iPhone 12 will have a poorer box as everyone feared

The new iPhone 12 was finally officially presented today. After many months of speculation and anxiety, Apple’s new smartphones are ready to hit the market and in the hands of fans.

However, this year’s models will reach users “a little lighter”. This is because, as was feared, the new iPhone 12 will not have the usual accessories inside its retail box.

IPhone 12 Case

Wall adapter and earpods disappear from the iPhone 12 case

The boxes that will transport the new iPhone 12 to its users will come with only the basics. This means that you will not be entitled to a new wall adapter or earpods brand new.

In addition to the smartphone, the iPhone 12 case will only feature a Lightning to USB-C cable. This can be used with any adapter you already have at home to charge your new iPhone. It is curious to note that other models, such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 11 or XR, present on the Apple website in UK, also lack an adapter.

In addition to the rumors that already indicated this change, the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6 was already an omen for what is confirmed today. The new American smartwatch also came without a wall adapter.

Apple justifies this measure with environmental concerns

According to Apple, this removal of accessories will allow you to create smaller retail boxes for your new equipment. Something that will result in 70% more units per pallet for shipping the product.

According to their estimates, this will allow a reduction in carbon emissions of around 2 million metric tons per year. The equivalent of removing 450 million cars from the roads every year.

Obviously, this measure will not go unnoticed in the market. Some rumors already say that Samsung will be able to do the same in its next tops of range and I am not surprised that more follow the same path.

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