Since 2017, Apple has integrated nothing consensual notch into their smartphones. Although nothing at the official level has so far pointed this out, a new rumor testifies that Apple may even abolish the notch on the iPhone 12 Pro to launch this year.

The renders were shared by the site, and show us an alleged iPhone 12 Pro without any notch. But where are the components that usually stay in the notch are housed? On a small margin at the top of the equipment.

iPhone 12 Pro

This margin houses the front camera, the microphone, the loudspeaker, and the usual sensors that we have seen housed in the notch. The lateral and bottom margins follow the same pattern, and they are also substantial.

Images will have been collected in iOS 14 code

According to the Svetapple website, they will have had access to the iOS 14 code from a source close to Apple. However, we have no way of confirming whether these images actually arrive from an official source.

iPhone 12 Pro

Although the equipment is shown here with substantial margins in all corners, this would certainly be a more interesting solution than having the notch. I doubt that this will happen, since it will be very difficult to put all those components in such a short space.

iPhone 12 Pro

We will have to wait at least six months to get to know the iPhone 12 Pro. For the moment it is unknown whether or not Apple will change the front design of the equipment. But three years after the iPhone X, this change would be to be welcomed.

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