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iPhone 12 Pro Max is disassembled and reveals the secret of Apple

Apple has placed great emphasis on the photographic – and videographic – capabilities contained in the iPhone 12 Pro Max thanks to its considerably larger main camera. More specifically, a sensor of dimensions never seen on a smartphone.

Now, thanks to iFixit, a North American company specialized in mobile device repairs, we can observe the real dimensions of the photographic module of this new iPhone. In particular, the sensor is really “huge” for a phone.

The big secret of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Lenses and sensors for iPhone 12 (top) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (bottom). Credit: iFixit

Above we can see the comparison between the main camera – wide angle – of the iPhone 12, above and the main camera – wide angle – of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both sensors have the same resolution of 12 MP, but the size is quite different .

With the entire photographic module being larger, on the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max we have the stabilization on the sensor itself. Something the Cupertino giant has dubbed “Sensor-shift “, or sensor displacement, instead of the conventional optical stabilization system (OIS).

According to iFixit, Apple may have been forced to make some commitments in order to accommodate a sensor and the rest of the photographic module on a smartphone. This may explain why “Sensor-shift “ and not the well-established OIS.

Space is precious and the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera takes up a lot!

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Photo modules for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. Credit: iFixit

When dismantled, the largest of the new iPhone revealed the presence of other “XL” components. According to the report, almost everything on the device appears to have been improved and enhanced, including the speaker and the vibration engine, Haptic Feedback.

Compared to the iPhone 12 mini, the differences are very significant. The battery is a good example of these size discrepancies, but not the only one, with the manufacturer taking full advantage of the largest area available on the 12 Pro Max.

Another of the poignant conclusions rightly points out that, in order to have the best camera, it is necessary to buy the largest and most expensive iPhone today. For the most demanding consumers, the investment in 2020 will be in this model.

IFixit disassembled iPhone 12 Pro Max

The procedure was duly recorded on video, with pertinent comments on the phone and its components. It is possible to see in detail the new image sensor at minute 37, as well as the other sensors of the iPhone.

It is also worth noting that the main sensor of the device is made by Sony, which also produces components for other manufacturers, such as Samsung.

In summary, there is a really big sensor on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, 47% bigger than the iPhone 12. Although the resolution is the same, the light that each pixel is capable of receiving and registering is significantly greater in the top model.

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