iPhone 12 Pro allows you to accurately measure a person’s height. See how

Apple tape measure application

Apple has released a novelty for all iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max users that allows users to accurately see a person’s height.

This new feature arrives in the Apple “tape measure” application that arrives installed on the original smartphone. However, the Pro models offer a more accurate measurement due to the LiDAR sensor that is installed next to the cameras.

New way to measure people’s height with iPhone 12 Pro

Apple tape measure application

Now you will no longer need to put the coin in the meters of pharmacies. Although the iPhone 12 Pro doesn’t yet tell you what your weight is, the tape measure application can accurately measure the user’s height.

To do that, you just need to open the application, make sure you pick the person upside down and click on the “circle”. Then you will have the exact measurement of the person.

This new measurement, as I mentioned, is only possible due to the new LiDAR sensor. Although it is a funny feature, this sensor is much more important than you can imagine.

Not only does it give us almost perfect accuracy in portrait photos, it will also seriously help the evolution of Augmented Reality on smartphones.

A good example of a fantastic Augmented Reality application is, for example, that of IKEA. Where you can see (even without buying) how a particular piece of furniture or accessory in your home is using your smartphone.

The equipment accurately measures the location and manages to fit the furniture almost perfectly. That way, you’ll be able to see what a piece of furniture looks like before you buy it. We only hope that more of these Apps will arrive in the future.

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