iPhone 12 mini: what to keep in mind

iPhone 12 mini: what to keep in mind

iPhone 12 mini in video

iPhone 12 mini: not for everyone

That the iPhone 12 mini is very small is something that has been repeated ad nauseam, although it is true that deep down … it is not so incredibly reduced. What happens that for a while this afternoon we have gotten used to phones so large that now it seems tiny. The iPhone 12 mini is really like an iPhone SE, to give you an idea, only now it is a little more compact without giving up having more screen.

And it is that what you find now is a better use of the front. If you remember correctly, the iPhone SE 2020 has horrible stripes in the upper and lower area that greatly tarnish the frontal experience. In the iPhone 12 mini they disappear completely, thus giving way to a larger screen that greatly improves the experience when viewing content. It still does not disappear, yes, the notch, which is that it is also exactly the same size as its older brothers. That means that here it takes up even more, leaving less space on the visible screen sides.

iPhone 12 mini

Regarding the performance of the panel, it is fantastic. We are talking about an OLED-type Super Retina XDR screen with Full HD resolution, more than enough to enjoy good quality and definition images. At the same time it is also true that in a phone of this size you are not going to consume much multimedia content, since it does not exactly invite you to spend a lot of time watching it, watching a series or playing games.

This inevitably leads to another reflection and it is about your processor. As you well know, this phone has the same chip inside it (A14 Bionic) than the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, so I feel that perhaps here, precisely because of the user profile to which this phone is dedicated, it is going to miss a bit of its great potential.

iPhone 12 mini

Beyond this, the other fundamental aspect to point out is that of the battery. And, of course, a “mini” size generally also carries a «mini» battery. In this sense, this iPhone is going to last you practically a day; never more of that, maybe even less. As always, the use you give it will determine this assessment: not too intense browsing, consulting social networks, online all day long and watching some videos or taking some photos, will result in you perhaps reaching your bedside table with a small percentage, which you will necessarily have to load.

If you raise the bar in this regard, and put more work into it, you may even need the plug earlier than expected. Be that as it may, you have to be clear about it: you will have to charge it practically every night, yes or yes.

iPhone 12 mini

As for the rest of the specifications, I am not going to delve into them because they are traced to those of the iPhone 12, of which I already told you my impressions (also with video) recently. This 12 mini has from the same processor to the same design (and finish), going through the same version of the operating system or through the cameras, which are also the same (and therefore take the same photos). The phrase “it is the iPhone 12 but smaller” could not therefore be more representative: it really is a high-end packed into a smaller body.

In any case, I did not want to end this review without commenting on two details that may not be talked about too much. The first has to do with the speakers. Look at the image you have under these lines. As you can see, the iPhone 12 mini -superior phone- has less perforations in the area of ​​the speakers than its brothers, and, although obviously we have not opened them to buy them, it is to be expected that the sound unit will be smaller in the mini than in its brothers. This, as you will walk, suspecting it translates into a somewhat less powerful sound. The difference is not very big, everything has to be said, but exist, it exists.

iPhone 12 mini

The second thing I wanted to sign up for you has to do with its accessories. As you know, among the new proposals that Apple launched to take advantage of its Magsafe, there is a card holder quite original that is placed on the back of the new iPhone. If you were wondering if the accessory works for the mini, I confirm that it does. It is millimetrically measured to fit your body and although I personally don’t like it because it takes up too much of the back of the phone (I prefer how it looks on larger iPhones), it is still an option to consider for those who are thinking of acquiring it. .

iPhone 12 mini

Buy the iPhone 12 mini, yes or no?

The iPhone 12 mini is a good phone, but it has limitations that you should be aware of. Going back to a terminal that you can operate with one hand is a fantastic experience -Do you remember what that was? – but in doing so you resign to the comfort of a large screen to watch videos (something that we consume more and more frequently) or even to play.

Everything is very compact and very manageable, but you will also have to accept that the autonomy it is not that extensive. The battery of the iPhones is never that it has excelled, but here it returns to the standard of some time ago: to be thankful that it reaches the end of the day. Little more.

iPhone 12 mini

For the rest, it is a smartphone at a very Apple price (we are talking about a high starting cost, of 809 euros, almost double that of the iPhone SE 2020) and that allows you to have the “iPhone 12” experience (in performance, cameras, etc.) in a tremendously compact format. Personally I prefer to spend 100 euros more on the iPhone 12 and not give up the screen and battery, but if these aspects are not so vital for you, this is undoubtedly your phone.


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