iPhone 12 mini may be the only one to match iPhone SE

iPhone 12 mini may be the only one to match iPhone SE

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 12, with 5.4 inches of screen, over the next few weeks. The iOS smartphone is expected to be relatively small and more compact since it will not have the traditional “Home” button at the bottom.

If this happens, we will be facing the ideal iPhone for those looking for a small mobile phone, easy to carry and use with one hand. What if this iPhone 12 (mini) is even smaller than the iPhone SE (2020)?

Is the iPhone 12 a real “mini” with a giant heart?

The next few weeks will bring a lot of Cupertino news, although we may have to wait a few more weeks, practically until October, to see the new phones in stores. Until then, captivating hypotheses continue to emerge.

The most recent suggests a iPhone 12 mini, or simply iPhone 12, which in practice may be smaller than the current iPhone SE (2020), thus giving you the nickname in question. The hypothesis may have some basis of truth …

For the person responsible for the YouTube channel “theHacker34”, an iOS smartphone of small dimensions and powerful technical specifications is exactly what consumers are looking for in 2020. Especially if the price is more appealing.

The video shows us a very interesting concept

For all intents and purposes, it is highly unlikely that Apple will use the “mini” nomenclature to describe the iPhone 12, version standard, but it is possible that the device is relatively compact with a 5.4 inch OLED screen.

In the event that the rumors are correct, the product will cost from $ 649 in the United States of America, arriving with a double main chamber. If you can effectively remove the “Home” button it can even be very compact.

The announcement of new products, including new iPad and Apple Watch, is expected to take place later this month, with no official confirmation date. The arrival of new equipment to the market should occur gradually, starting in October.

Before you go, check out our review of the iPhone SE (2020), Apple’s compact and inexpensive phone.

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