iPhone 12 mini is dismantled and reveals Apple’s efforts

Apple iPhone 12 mini

Miniaturization was one of Apple’s biggest efforts when designing the new iPhone 12 mini. The engineers’ struggle against the physical dimensions of the product is now revealed with detailed disassembly, step by step, by the iFixit team.

The smaller battery is not the only “compression”, far from it, in fact, with several sacrifices to be made in the name of the size of the new phone. It should also be noted that this has 8.57 Wh and a capacity of 2227 mAh

The iPhone 12 mini is an engineering prodigy

Apple iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 mini (left) and iPhone 12 (right). Credit: iFixit.

Still in relation to the battery of the iPhone 12 mini, although small (2227 mAh), it manages to be larger than that of the iPhone SE (2020), with a slim 1821 mAh capacity. But, let’s move on to other really interesting components.

For example, the smartphone’s vibration engine – Taptic Engine – has also shrunk by 25% compared to the iPhone 12, just like the loudspeaker. In fact, the Cupertino giant even managed to hide the ambient light sensor that regulates, for example, the automatic brightness of the screen.

Apple iPhone 12 mini
The vibration engine – taptic engine – of the iPhone 12 mini. Credit: iFixit

Even managing to compress several of the key components of the smartphone, there is not much space left. In fact, we see the vibration engine juxtaposed with the loudspeaker, all very close to the battery and the metal structure of the Apple phone.

Also according to the testimony of iFixit, a company specialized in the repair of mobile devices and electronic components, there is really not the smallest space left to accommodate, for example, the audio port jack 3.5 mm.

Apple iPhone 12 mini
Detail of the copper wire coil to mediate wireless charging. Credit: iFixit

The procedure carried out by the American company allowed it to assess several of the technological giant’s efforts, concluding that all the useful space was actually used. Note, for example, the image above with the component that makes it possible to charge the iPhone wirelessly and that occupies a good portion of its back.

Finally, iFixit determined that despite being very compact, the new iPhone 12 mini is a relatively easy phone to repair, something that will certainly please technicians in the sector, as well as more curious users.

On a personal note, Apple was able to place a powerful smartphone on the market for consumers who prefer a reduced format and, perhaps, use the smartphone with one hand. Something that only Sony was still trying to do recently, making it a welcome introduction and adding diversity to the market mobile.

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