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Realme X2 Pro has even more specifications confirmed before release!

Although Realme X2 Pro marks the start of the brand's big adventure in European markets, it...

The premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO and Amazon

Netflix premieres of the week Possibly the most outstanding premiere of the week is Below zeroBut if it's not your style, you have other Netflix...

Volkswagen ID3. Tesla Model 3 rival may arrive ahead of schedule

The information is advanced by the website This Is Money, and shows that the first 35...

The new games for Xbox Game Pass that arrive in March

Ori and the Will of the Wisp The news that come to the Xbox Game Pass catalog in March are quite striking, and this month...

iPhone 12 may arrive with the best camera ever developed

WCCFTech is advancing, exclusively, the biggest revolution that the market is about to witness when it comes to photography on a smartphone. According to its sources, Apple is developing a camera with infinite resolution.

The result will be photographs with unimaginable detail that will allow you to do the digital zoom that you want without loss of quality. A theory that, by current standards, seems impossible to achieve.

Quantum technology will be Apple’s powerful ally for this camera

WCCFTech did not collect very technical information about this technology and, in fact, it is too early to know. What its source is in a position to advance is that quantum technology will have a strong role in this new chamber.

iPhone 11

This type of technology allows you to perform tasks that are simply impossible for conventional computers, such as the one you have at home or in the office. Not long ago the discussion arose about who would have actually reached this barrier, but the truth is that quantum technology is ready to be used.

It is said that thanks to this technological advance it will be possible to divide by zero. The result of this mathematical operation will be infinite, which will make it possible to zoom in and out without losing quality.

The combination of these technical details will result in a lens with no defined definition. That is, Apple will not be able to say that the lens is 12MP or 108MP, because it simply does not exist. In theory, there will be an unlimited resolution.

Processing and storage space will be critical

As you might imagine, it won’t be any processor or graphics that will support this type of technology. The lenses must also be of the highest quality. We still don’t know who the supplier is yet, but brands like Sony, Leica Canon or Ziess are in the running.

Then there is the question of storage, not only in terms of space but also in terms of writing and reading speed. It is impossible to guess how big a photo will be using this technology.

It is not yet certain whether Apple will apply this technology to the iPhone 12, but this would be the way in which its next device will be photographically superior to any competitor. However, you must already imagine that its price will not be at all inviting.

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Huawei will remain on the US blacklist. Biden maintains Trump veto

Huawei is a threat to the country's security. The statements were made by White House...

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