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iPhone 12 could be the beginning of a new era for Apple

iPhone 12 could be the beginning of a new era for Apple

For three years now, Apple hasn't changed the design of its smartphones, and it feels like we see the same device coming out every year. However, that could change as early as 2020 with the introduction of the iPhone 12.

Some seem to believe that the next iPhone will resurrect the design philosophy of the iPhone 4. That is, instead of a device with rounded sides, it will become more rectangular.

iPhone 12 concept
IPhone 12 Concept. Credits: PhoneArena

With this in mind, the folks at PhoneArena came up with an upcoming iPhone 12 concept that accurately portrays this new design philosophy. Currently, there is no guarantee that Apple will even opt for this design, but this possibility is not at all inappropriate.

Other Apple products already feature a more rectangular design

Just look at the latest iPad Pro or MacBook to see clear inspiration on iPhone 4. So, being Apple a consistency company, it wouldn't surprise us at all that the next iPhone could follow the same lines.

For this consistency to reach its maximum exponential, all that is left is the introduction of a USB-C port on the iPhone 12. Fans have been asking for the adoption of this port for some time now and this would be the perfect time for Apple to do so. .

iPhone 12 iPad Pro
iPhone 12 along with iPad Pro. Credits: PhoneArena

Other changes may be in the pipeline for iPhone 12

In addition to changing the structure of your next smartphone, Apple is expected to be able to enhance other areas. For example, what many expect is a reduction or even abolition of notch.

To do this, Apple would have to find another solution to allocate all the sensors needed for Face ID to function. If the American wants to abolish completely, notch always has the possibility of leaving for the return of Touch ID, this time embedded in the screen.

There is also the possibility that we will see Apple adding another lens to its main camera. That would result in a total of 4 lenses on the back of the smartphone, something competitors like Samsung or Huawei have already done.

In any case, all this is rumored and should be taken into account with a good dose of salt. A drastic design change for the iPhone 12 has long been addressed, but it is too early to be sure.

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