iPhone 12: concept shows camera that we can only dream of (video)

iPhone 12

The launch of the iPhone 12 is just around the corner. The latest information shows that it will happen during the month of October, but no major innovations are expected with regard to design.

The frame will again have a smooth look, as the company has used us in the past. But at a time when competitors continue to innovate with second screens and foldable equipment, the company could well put its eyes to the concept we are showing you today.

The video highlights the design of cameras that the company implemented from the iPhone 11. And the ConceptsiPhone channel believes that the bulge is so big that it would be able to accommodate a secondary screen.

The pilgrim idea shows us that, in addition to the cameras, this could be a screen designed for quick controls. Viewing the time, notifications, weather, changing music on Spotify would be steps to take with the equipment facing down.

iPhone 12

Although this concept looks fantastic, it seems unlikely that Apple will present something like this in the near future. Before doing something similar, the Cupertino company will definitely let Android competitors go wrong and improve this technology.

This could be a real dream if Apple decided to abolish notch in the future. With a screen with the camera visible, selfies could be taken with the rear camera without problems. But it is something that, for now, is just a mirage.

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