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iPhone 12: 3 things Android can copy from Apple in the future

For better or for worse, Apple is the so-called trendsetter. This means, in practice, that when the Cupertino company does something, the other manufacturers write it down and underline it, and often end up replicating it.

Who does not remember the controversial abandonment of the 3.5mm jack input on the iPhone 7. After satirizing this choice, today are the top Android smartphones that still have this input.

There are points that the new iPhone 12 line brought to the table that are praiseworthy, and others that are objectionable. And consider it positive or negative, there are three trends now created by Apple that can be followed by others in the future.

High-end smartphones with smaller sizes

When the new iPhone 12 mini was officially unveiled, the brand said it was “something that only Apple would do”. At that very moment, I imagined several Android manufacturers pointing at a notepad.

If there was one thing that was long requested, it was more size options for consumers who want small equipment. And after a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, it seems certain that more will follow in his footsteps. Xiaomi is already thinking about it.

iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 mini may set new trend

Magnetic wireless charging

MagSafe promises to improve the wireless charging experience. And while it is far from being a perfect product, it allows you to charge your equipment wirelessly while it is in use. And it does not seem unreasonable to say that Android competitors can bet on similar formats based on magnetism.

Absence of charger in the box

The most controversial measure advanced by Apple with the iPhone 12 was the removal of the charger from its entire line of smartphones. This was justified by the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Xiaomi or Samsung, two of the biggest competitors, have already gone ahead to criticize and lampoon this decision. But if in the past they also did it in relation to the 3.5mm jack input and then removed it from their tops of range, it does not seem unreasonable to say that they can repeat it in the near future.

You should keep in mind that this is just my opinion, and that this does not mean that Android manufacturers will follow these trends. But the truth is that when Apple does, others point out. And sooner or later they can replicate.

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