Home Apple iPhone 11: Covers reveal name and design ahead of time!

iPhone 11: Covers reveal name and design ahead of time!

iPhone 11: Covers reveal name and design ahead of time!

Information designer and leaker Ben Geskin has tweeted several cover images for the new iPhones. There is a lot of speculation about the design and name of future Apple phones but these covers seem to reveal it all.

iphone 11 cases
After all it looks like the name 'iPhone XR' will be forgotten

So new iPhones will probably have the names iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, according to the pictures. It is important to note that these are unofficial but revealing covers anyway.

If these names are final, it means that Apple has decided to forget the 'XR' name for its 'low-cost' iPhone, released together with the XS and XS Max in 2018. Rumors circulated from a possible iPhone XR 2 but after all not it will be so.

IPhone 11 cases go against everything we've seen so far

iphone 11
IPhone 11 'Dummies'

The biggest change Apple will make this year in iPhones is the camera configuration. To the satisfaction of many users, the iPhone 11 will have three distinct lenses like most of its competitors. It is expected to have a main sensor, angled lens and a third sensor dedicated to macro planes.

Apple logo can indicate where to load AirPods

As noted by Ben Geskin, the Apple logo should remain slightly above the center of the back cover. New iPhone is expected to have reverse charging technology (may lend battery to other devices).

That way, users will be able to charge their wirelessly charged AirPods by simply dropping the box on their iPhone. It does not seem the most practical way to charge the headset however. As they say on the internet "Weird flex, but ok".

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