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Ipega Wireless Bluetooth game review

Ipega Wireless Bluetooth game review

Ipega Wireless Bluetooth game controller Review

ipega wireless Bluetooth game controller For mobile Phones and TV boxes.

One problem with mobile gaming is the touch-screen controls can be painful and not as comfortable as when at home using a console controller. Well, that has all changed with the new Telescopic ipega wireless Bluetooth game controller.

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Besides being affordable the ipega wireless Bluetooth game controller compared to other more costly name-brands.


It is still packed with a lot of wonderful features making it worthwhile choice for even the most demanding hard-core gamer to enjoy using on his/her devices plus it supports not only just Android devices, it can now work also on most iOS phones/tablets that have been Jailbroken.

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There are 4 modes to uses on this ipega wireless Bluetooth game controller and you can only use one at a time.

If you want to change the mode you have to re-sync the Bluetooth to get it working, it is not hard and you only have to do it once per mode:

iCade mode (Press Y + Home)wireless bluetooth game controller
Compatibility mode for IOS games

Mouse Mode (Press B + Home)
Simulates a mouse pointer on Android, it can be used to play Angry birds, Tower Defence, Fruit Ninja, Etc.. (I don´t think this mode is very useful when you have a touchscreen, maybe on Android TVs)

Keyboard Mode for Android (Press A + Home)
Simulates keys pressed in any button, this is very useful for Emulators, where one stroke means one keyboard key.

Joystick Mode for Android (Press X + Home)
Great for role playing and racing games, it uses the extra directional pads for precise movement

Some games allow you to change the assigned keys, those games work very well on the Ipega, but some of them don´t and thats a problem because they are not 100% playable with the controller.




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