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Android: Google prepares to drastically change its application

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Realme publishes first photo taken with 64MP camera. What a quality!

In addition to the arrival of new technology that will allow you to put the selfie...

Samsung wants to launch a smartphone that will surprise you

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iOS 12. Apple iPhone X may be unlocked on more than one side

Xiaomi Mi 8 Xiaomi Mi 7 Android Oreo Xiaomi Mi 7 Face ID Apple iPhone X Android Face ID
Apple may generalize this technology but will the other builders do the same, and in the best way?

IOS 12 was just one of the things Apple announced yesterday at WWDC 18. And within that, there were a lot of things covered. However, there was one that no one mentioned, but that will be a big help to all Apple iPhone Face ID users.

On second thought, it can be both a help and a headache. However, this is a matter to be discussed later. In fact, the big introduction (almost) 1 year later is that Face ID will support up to two appearances.

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Well, what many might interpret (and well) is that you can set the Apple iPhone X unlock method to recognize the same person at different times.

Sunglasses, hats, wet hair, everything and anything. These are small details that make all the difference and may create some doubts for the iPhone. However, the novelty regarding Face ID is not limited to the mere composition of two expressions of the same person.

Face ID is a feature that will look better with iOS 12 for Apple iPhone X!

Fortunately or unfortunately, it will be possible to have the equipment unlocked by two different people. As with Touch ID. Now is this beneficial or not? There it is, as I said at the beginning of the article, it depends.

It depends on what everyone is used to, so to speak. However, it is undoubtedly something that will at least have something beneficial. By the way, thinking of possible more innovative iPad models will make perfect sense.

However, what matters is that iOS 12 brings more freedom. More freedom for the Apple iPhone X user to choose what they really want. Even so, as it had been before, this is just one of the potential new discoveries throughout iOS 12.

By September, there will be much more to unravel. So keep an eye out for the news here at EBox.pt, so you don't miss any details about all the technology spoken in UK’s.

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