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Intel won't vaccinate all of its processors against Specter

Intel Specter
Intel won't fix all its panoply against the second Specter variant

The Specter and Meltdown vulnerability scandal broke out with Intel. The US semiconductor company was first associated with a problem that turned out to be much broader than initially anticipated.

At first it was believed that these vulnerabilities were unique to Intel processors. But as time went on it came to realize that this was not the case, being much more serious. All kinds of processors were compromised.

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Specter and Meltdown are processor-level and may ultimately compromise the security of user data. In the midst of all this, two variants of the Specter vulnerability were discovered.

The second is the one that has most troubled Intel in its resolution. All because it affects functionality known as "speculative execution" and its resolution jeopardizes the performance of the affected processors.

However, it turned out to be a matter of time before the company released the appropriate fix for this issue. It is already being distributed in conjunction with the updates for Windows.

However, it should be noted that not all Intel processors will be vaccinated against this vulnerability. There is a wide range of chips that will remain vulnerable to problems caused by Specter skin.

But this decision was not taken lightly and took into account at least one of three reasons. Unable to implement proper remediation due to limitations of their microarchitecture, the processors concerned are no longer widely used, or are confined to closed systems and thus less likely to be compromised.

Intel's List of Non-Vaccinated Specter Processors

  • Bloomfield
  • Bloomfield Xeon
  • Clarksfield
  • Gulftown
  • Harpertown Xeon C0
  • Harpertown Xeon E0
  • Jasper forest
  • Penryn / QC
  • SoFIA 3GR
  • Wolfdale C0
  • Wolfdale M0
  • Wolfdale e0
  • Wolfdale r0
  • Wolfdale Xeon C0
  • Wolfdale Xeon E0
  • Yorkfield
  • Yorkfield Xeon

It should be noted that the latest processor in this entire list was introduced in 2012. We are talking about a processor that is six years old, but may still support computers for some less experienced users.

But overall it will be the older equipment that will suffer from this Intel decision. If you have a computer with a multi-year processor at home, consider the type of data you enter into it.

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