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Installing Google Play Store on Huawei smartphones is no longer a headache with this App

The latest Huawei smartphones no longer arrive with Google services installed. That is, no Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail or even Google Maps.

Although it is impossible to install these services and applications with some tricks that can be found on the Internet, installing them is not exactly simple. Something that this application wants to solve.

Application to install Google Play Store on Huawei smartphones

Install Google Play Store Huawei smartphones

The application is called Googlefier (you can download it here) and has become famous in recent days for doing what it promises without great technical details.

The installation looks simple and if you understand a minimum of English you will have no problems following the instructions. Still, it’s worth noting that there is a strong likelihood of losing everything you have on your smartphone. Therefore, confirm that you back up the information.

Incidentally, the people who installed the Google Play Store and Google services on Huawei smartphones with this application said that it is preferable to perform this installation after restoring the factory settings.

As you can see in the video above from the XDA staff, its installation is not complex. There is only a need to open the application and install the services one by one.

After the Google Play Store and Google services are installed, your smartphone will be able to use the Google Play Store without any problems to download the Apps you love.

Important to mention that Huawei has not yet officially commented on the warranty aspects of the smartphone when unofficial software is installed from its app store.

I remember that we have asked Huawei UK representatives this question several times, however, we still do not have a concrete answer regarding the equipment warranty in case of software problems that require technical support from the brand. In short, if you feel safe go ahead, otherwise it is preferable that you do not.

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