HOW-TO Install Kodi 18.0 update for Android - Kodi Leia 18 stable release

This page describes how to install Kodi 18.0 update for Android, either from an app “store” such as Aptoide, Google Play Store or manually from downloading an APK file.

Time to update again and with this latest release comes new and interesting features. Keep reading and we will show you how to easily install the Latest stable version of Kodi for Android 18.0 Leia.

Changelog Kodi 18.0 Leia Android

Suggestions With this latest version, it is now possible to utilise the Android Leanback suggestions for Android TV. You can now use the Google voice search to search through your Kodi library straight from the Android screen. Just hit the voice search button and speak whatever you want to search for and it will try to match and show you the results.  You’ll get suggested content such as unwatched random Movies, and episodes to keep binge watching them until the end. For your music fans, it will show you random records from the library to maintain your listening as varied as you can.

Voice to text No longer as from now on you can use voice to text typing using the same button on your remote as for the Voice search. To make use of this feature simply do the same as you normally do but instead of typing with the keyboard use the microphone button on the remote and speak. At times this will, of course, be hit and miss and you need to correct it at times. In general, though it works pretty well.

Method 1: How to Install Kodi 18.0 final Google Play Store

Download Kodi 18.0 from the Google Play Store

Kodi is now available on Google Play (Google account needed): You can download the latest Kodi 18.0 for Android using the Play Store. The latest version of Kodi will only work on Android operating systems that are higher than Android 5.0. If you are running a lower Android system you will need to use a different version of EBox MC 4.4 v2. With this version of Kodi, you can install all of the latest Kodi 18.0 Leia add-ons. If you already have a G-Mail account, Google Play is super simple to set up. Just add your G-Mail account and password to the Play Store Android App that can be found on all Android devices.


  • Open Play Store Android app
  • Add account or sign up
  • Search for Kodi
  • Click and install Kodi
  • Google Play will install the correct version for your device
  • Kodi 18 Leia will now be installed on your Android device

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Method 2: How to Install Kodi 18 Leia manually 

You can manually download the Kodi 18.0 APK file then directly install it using the file browser or APK installer app. With this method, no account needed or any registration as you will install it manually without the use of an App store. For some, this would be the easiest choice. All Android devices have built-in internet browsers you can use the web browser to directly download and install Kodi 18.0. If you visit this page and download the Kodi 18.0 app then it will download and can be located in your “Downloads” folder. this is normally stored with all your local files.


  • Download Kodi 18.0 for Android
  • Open your File browser or file explorer. (this will be in all apps)
  • Click Downloads
  • Now click on the Kodi you downloaded from the link above.
  • Confirm you want to install the APK
  • Complete

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Method 3: How to update to Kodi 18.0 using Aptoide

Aptoide is the most used alternative to the Play Store. Aptoide has a wide range of apps uploaded by individual users and Kodi 18.0 is no different. If you have never heard of Aptoide then please check out our detailed guide on how to install Aptoide for Android. The good thing about the Aptoide store it will keep all your apps up to date and let you know when new versions of the apps you have installed have a new version available. Unlike the Play Store, no account is needed to download the latest Kodi 18.0 app.


  • Open Aptoide
  • Search for Kodi
  • Click “search for latest version”
  • Now click install on Kodi 18.0 Leia
  • Kodi 18.0 installed

Method 4: How to use EBox Store to install Kodi 18.0

If you are lucky enough to have one of our TV boxes you can easily install Kodi 18.0 The Ebox store has the latest versions of Kodi and EBMC ready to download at the click of a button. We update the EBox Store whenever a new version of Kodi or EBMC is released making it the absolute best way to install Kodi 18.0 for Android. You will need one of our TV boxes to use this store.


  • Open The EBox store app
  • Click on Kodi 18.0
  • Click Install
  • Complete you now have the latest Kodi 18.0

Method 5: How to install Kodi 18.0 Leia for Android TV

If you are running the Official Android TV version you will need to enable unknown sources. Being the restricted version of Android there are a few extra steps needed. Default settings in Android TV have unknown sources disabled by default. This stops the user from installing apps that are not in the Play Store. By enabling this setting you can install any app you download.


  • Navigate to the settings menu
  • Click security menu
  • Enable “Unknown sources” option.
  • Go back to the “Settings” menu, scroll down and select the “Security & Restrictions”
  • Now turn on “Unknown Sources”
  • Download Kodi for Android depending on your hardware, you need to select either the ARM32 HERE or x64 version HERE.
  • Copy the downloaded .apk file to Google Drive or a USB drive and plug it into your Android TV
  • Navigate to where you saved the .apk file using ES File Explorer or any other file management app.
  • Open the Kodi 18.0.apk file click install Kodi
  • Complete you now have Kodi 18.0 on Android TV

Method 6: How to install Kodi Leia using the EBox App

The Ebox All in one Android app has the option to download the latest version of Kodi 18.0 directly to your device. The EBox app also has the latest version of EBMC based on SPMC. If you wanted to it’s possible to download the latest version of Kodi and the latest version of EBMC based on SPMC and have both versions running at the same time. You can have 2 complete Kodi setups running on one device.


  • Download the EBox app from the Play Store (All EBox TV boxes has this app, pre-installed)
  • Click the Kodi 18.0 icon to start the download
  • Locate file browser in all apps
  • Click on the downloads folder
  • Now click the Kodi 18.0 app you downloaded
  • Click install
  • Congratulations! Kodi 18.0 Leai is now running on Android

How to install Kodi 18.0 on other platforms

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  • This Version of Kodi is for Android devices running 5.0 or higher. If  you need the latest version of Kodi for older Android versions click here
  • If you have EBMC 17.6 based on Kodi installed on your Android device you will not be able to install this official Kodi 18.0 build without uninstalling EBMC first.
  • You can have EBMC and Kodi running at the same time as long as the EBMC version you are using is based on SPMC like This one.
  • You cannot have EBMC based on Kodi and the official Kodi installed at the same time
  • If you are unable to install this version of Kodi uninstall any version of EBMC/Kodi on your device then try to reinstall it again
  • You can install Kodi 18.0 over the top of  Kodi 17.6 Krypton without losing any customizations
  • You can install EBMC 18.0 over the top of  EBMC 17.6 without losing any customizations