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HOW-TO: Install Kodi 17.6 update for Windows

How to install Kodi 17.6 update for Windows PC/Windows Devices

This post will cover how to install Kodi 17.6 update for Windows PC running Windows. In fact any you can install Kodi on other Windows device including Phones and Tablets. Kodi 17.6 can be installed on both Windows x86 and Windows x64 devices. You can install Kodi 17.6 on a Windows Phone A Windows PC / Laptops even Windows Tablets. You can use any one of the below install guides to install Kodi 17.6 onto Windows device. Kodi 17.6 can be installed from the Windows Store or by manually downloading and installing the EXE file.

Kodi 17.6 fixes

  • Fix possible crash in controller dialogue
  • Update standard scrapers to the latest version available on release
  • Fix possible connection issues with internal web server
  • Fix crash when peripheral joystick add-on is disabled

The best VPN for Kodi 17.6

Install Kodi 17.6 update for Windows Manual installation

This is the most useful way to install Kodi 17.6 onto Windows as you can choose what version of Kodi you want to install. It’s as simple as downloading an EXE file and clicking yes to the Windows installer options until it’s completed. You can use this method on all Windows computers and devices and in some cases, it will be the easiest way to install Kodi. Furthermore installing Kodi manually requires no Microsoft Account.


  • Download the latest Kodi 17.6 for Windows
  • Click the Kodi file you downloaded to start the Installer
  • Click the “Run” button.
  • When prompted click “Next” 
  • Once completed click “Finish” to close the Installer
  • Complete you now have Kodi installed on Windows.

Install Kodi 17.6 update for Windows using the Windows Store

Install Kodi 17.4 for Windows using the Windows Store

Kodi 17.6 is now available from the official Windows Store but only the latest stable version. Also, a Microsoft Account is needed if you are going to install Kodi 17 from the Windows Store. The downside to installing Kodi from the Windows Store is that you can only install the latest version. So if you are running a Windows 7/8 device this option is not available as the latest stable build will only run on Windows 10 and above. For older Windows, PC’s and devices use the Manual installation guide.


Kodi 17.6 update System Requirements for Windows

There are a few system requirements for being able to run Kodi 17.6 on Windows.

First, you’ll need at least Windows Vista, although Windows 7 or Windows 10 is recommended for hardware video decoding. If you’re one of the holdouts still running Windows XP, it’s time to make the switch. Most newer graphics cards are supported. These include the ATI Radeon R420 and the NVIDIA GeForce 6-series. Although the team at Kodi recommends at least an ATI Radeon R700 or a GeForce 8 series card.

How to install Kodi 17.6 on other platforms

Install Kodi 17.6 update for Windows Conclusion

We have covered the 2 most common and easiest ways to install Kodi 17.6 for Windows. You can use the Windows Store if you have a Windows 10 device or you can manually install it by downloading the EXE file. Windows is one of the easiest platforms to install Kodi onto and with this helpful guide you can enjoy all the benefits of using Kodi 17.6 on any Windows device.


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