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Instagram's "Influencer" commits crime just to steal site domain

Instagram's "Influencer" commits crime just to steal site domain

The US Department of Justice has published a report alluding to a crime committed by Rossi Adams, an "influencer" on Instagram. Adams was sentenced to 14 years in prison after attempting to coerce a stranger into giving him a website domain under gun threat.

Rossi Adams, known on Instagram as "Polo", has been managing multiple accounts since 2015. The content of the accounts involved publications of sexually explicit behavior involving Iowa college students. Adams used the #DotItForState tag to promote his publications.

Adams wanted to take the next step in his "empire" and buy the site domain "dotiforstate.com". The point is that the domain owner, Ethan Deyo, had no intention of selling the name, even after Adams insisted on the purchase for two years.

Adams didn't take no for an answer

Rossi Adams decided to start threatening Deyo, starting with menacing messages with pistol emojis. The conclusion of this dispute came in 2017, when Adams hired his cousin, a former inmate, to break into Deyo's house and force him to cede the domain, using a taser and pistol in the process.

After a brief fight, Deyo managed to get the pistol out of the ex-prisoner's hand, even after being shot in the leg. Deyo proceeded to target the ex-prisoner several times in the chest. Both individuals survived.

Adams's cousin eventually got a 20-year sentence after pleading guilty. Adams has been in court proceedings until yesterday, where he was convicted of interfering with trade for threats of violence. A case of obsession with social networks taken to the extreme.

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