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Instagram will warn you when you are about to post offensive text

Instagram will warn you when you are about to post offensive text

The social network Instagram has just announced a new measure to combat online bullying. From now on, you will start to be notified whenever you are about to post a potentially offensive caption.

When you share a photo or video on Instagram, it's natural that it comes with a caption. From now on, whenever any of these subtitles contain potentially offensive content, you will be asked to reconsider the text.


That is, this new measure will not stop at birth any more offensive comments, but will alert users to what they are about to post. Instead of using censorship, the social network will become pedagogical.

Artificial intelligence underpins this functionality

As Instagram advances, this alert will become possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence. A tool developed by the platform and already applied in the comments.

Therefore, users will be notified that their caption resembles content previously reported as bullying. This will surely make them think twice about what they are about to publish.

This new tool is now available in select countries. In the future, the whole globe will be covered by this novelty.

Instagram has been working hard to combat bullying

In July, Instagram released a tool similar to what we reported today, but applied to comments. That is, whenever you are about to post an offensive comment, you will be notified to rethink it.

Still for Artificial Intelligence, it is equally capable of detecting and eliminating subtitles with offensive content. There is also a feature that allows social network users to highlight offensive comments.

As social networking is one of the most widely used platforms for bullying, it is natural that the responsible people strive to combat the phenomenon. Something Instagram has been constantly striving for.

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