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Baby Yoda has had competition (and we don’t know how to feel about it)

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Instagram will let you add links to the photos! But you won’t like what they ask for in return

For some time now, Instagram has launched several features in order to expand and improve the entire “online shopping” experience on its platform, but the overwhelming majority of these features are only available to large companies or influencers.

Now, thanks to a new patent registered by Facebook, we have learned that one of the most desired features on the part of users can be made available to all users. For a long time, millions of Instagram users have asked for links to be included in the description of their photos.

Apparently, Instagram may finally have found the ideal way for you to grant this desire to its users. However, it is possible that many may not be satisfied with how this feature will be implemented.

Instagram will charge you for each link you want to integrate into your photos

As we see in the patent image, Instagram may start to present a paid option to activate the links integrated in the description of the photographs. In this way, the links will become cleavable if you pay a fee that may be around € 2. Obviously, in the case of a patent, this value should only be fictitious, and may assume a totally different value when the functionality is launched.

Instagram link photo patent

Unfortunately, there are no more details on how this new feature could be implemented. Several possibilities remain in the air, such as being an option paid only for business accounts or presenting variable values ​​according to the type / size of the profile.

In addition, it is also possible that the functionality will end up only being available to companies that have not yet reached the necessary size to be able to market their products directly on Instagram.

While there are still many unanswered questions, this seems to be the closest way to responding to users’ longstanding frustration. So far, they need to resort to the already traditional method of “Link in Bio”, where they put the indication for followers to visit their profile to access the desired link.

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Carl Pei was co-founder of OnePlus and one of the best-known faces of the young Chinese...

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