Instagram will improve search with big change


Searching for something on Instagram can be a real headache. When we want to search for something we have to search for hashtags or accounts.

The most recent change in this social network aims to end this failure. This is because it will become possible to search for keywords.

This is something that already happens on Facebook or Twitter, and we can consider it the simplest search tool. This way, searching for something that interests us will be much easier.


As of the writing of this article, Instagram announced that this feature is primarily available in the United States, Canada and Ireland. This means that, for now, only Anglo-Saxon countries will be entitled to the novelty.

According to an Instagram spokesman, he referred to The Verge, several aspects will be taken into account. Be it the caption, the photo or the video, Instagram will want you to have access to “content that is most relevant to you”.

It is revealed that the research will only give results for topics that follow the guidelines of the social network. That is, only topics of general interest will be available.

We hope that soon this feature can also be launched in UK, so that searches on the social network can be more accurate. For now, it will not be the most complete functionality yet, but it promises to arrive over time.

This novelty comes at a time when Instagram added two controversial buttons to the bottom bar: Reels and Loja. The first is the “TikTok” of this social network, and the store shows that this is increasingly a priority for a place where we usually already see many ads.

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