Instagram will have a change that you will not like!

Instagram changes

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world. Therefore, we can say that all changes to the design of the application are important.

Well, Instagram is about to make a change that will not be well received by all users. This is because the social network wants to further promote its new “Reels” feature. The functionality that came to imitate TikTok.

Instagram eliminates “Search” to bring “Reels”

Instagram changes

A new image of the new version suggests that Instagram is preparing to make a serious change with just one button. According to the information, the application will make the “search” button disappear to give us “Reels”.

This new feature came to the application to bring a perfect copy of TikTok. Short videos where users can choose popular songs in order to make videos a little more imaginative.

Instagram is about to change seriously

Instagram was an application for photography lovers. The application later became the hub for influencers. Now we have a change that will (again) change the “core” of the business.

-instagram changes

We still don’t know when the new feature will be available. We only know that it is very likely that it will not take too long.

So, take advantage of Instagram’s “Search” to meet new users on the social network because it is very possible that it will disappear.

We can also imagine that the button can be migrated to another location in the application. At the top we see the search loupe, however, it may not have the same functionality that we had below.

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