Social networks are constantly evolving in order to better meet the needs of their users. With that in mind, Instagram is preparing to bring an option long requested by its users.

According to the most recent discovery by the renowned Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram will be able to present the news chronologically. Instead of presenting what’s supposed to be most important to you, you’ll be able to see what’s most recently on the social network.

Instagram is working on “Latest Posts” feed for catching up feed posts This sounds like the chronological feed people are asking for. Similar, but not the same 👀

– Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) February 14, 2020

Instagram feed will feature the best of both worlds

Not everyone will be able to prefer a chronological layout in their Instagram feed. After all, it is not always what came last in the social network that arouses the most interest.

That’s why Instagram will want to keep both methods of presenting the feed and news. If you want to choose the chronological order, you will have a section where that filter will be applied.

Currently, your Instagram feed is displayed depending on what an algorithm believes is most important to you. This was not always the case, so when this feature was implemented, many users felt uncomfortable.

For those who have always preferred a chronological arrangement, their prayers are about to be answered. The two systems will coexist, offering the best of both worlds.

It is not yet known when this feature will be made available. Everything indicates that Instagram is still testing this filtering, which means that it may not even reach the public.

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