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Instagram – Want to try it out first-hand on the Play Store?

Instagram Android Google Play Store What's New
Want to test the news of this social network firsthand? @androidpolice

If you like to see lots and lots of photos of pets, food, fashion, advertising, nature and bikini photos in December then surely you know Instagram. The social network where you can share photos, stories and even live streams. With each new update we have more improvements and features. Now if you want to try them out first hand and before your friends what's new, through the Google Play Store you can do it now.

Now if you are reading a technology site you may be interested in it. The opportunity to be a alpha tester or, as the Play Store calls it, an Alpha Tester. If you want to become one, you just have to follow it is link that will take you to the official store of the Android operating system – the Google Play Store.

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This new program Alpha was announced by the brand itself. The news was also published on the platform Reddit to probe the opinion of the general public. This will be a new way for social networking to test its new features and get some real feed-back before deciding whether or not to implement the new features.

Instagram Alpha with all the news through the Google Play Store

The average user will continue to receive stable updates via the Play Store. However, for technology enthusiasts this will be a good opportunity to find out what Instagram is up to, what will be next, next things to come to the app.

If you want, and not to miss the next articles, lists, tips and reviews, stay tuned to our social networks like the Facebook page, Instagram and of course on YouTube where you will also have our weekly LiveCasts every Monday at 21: 30, Lisbon time.

If you have what it takes to be a Alpha tester or Instagram Tester already knows what you have to do. Follow this link and venture into the world of trial versions. I hope you enjoy and satisfy your curiosity and hunger for new features. The bugs they can be frequent but don't be scared.

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