Home Android Instagram Threads is the new App that will bring you closer to your friends.

Instagram Threads is the new App that will bring you closer to your friends.

Instagram Threads is the new App that will bring you closer to your friends.

After finishing its first attempt to create a 'private' space for its users to share content ('Direct'), Instagram has just launched a new application, "Threads". Available for free for iOS and Android, it will let you share content simply and privately with your group of close friends.

Although a standalone application, it comes almost as an extension of the "Close Friends" feature in Instagram Stories. That's because it lets you create a group of close friends with whom you'll be able to share photos, videos, and more.

Instagram Threads

What can you do on Instagram Threads?

Once you log in with your Instagram account, the "Close Friends" list will be imported automatically. From there, you'll be able to add / remove people simply and conveniently, just as you do on Instagram. It's important to remember that your friends do not receive any notifications, so if you want them to know, you will have to tell them.

Whenever you open the app you will be presented with the camera tab so you can capture the moment right away and without wasting time. Plus, you'll have the full portfolio of tools on Instagram, such as adding text, photos / videos, emojis and GIFs.

This will be an especially important application for users who have hundreds / thousands of followers and come to their constantly bombarded mailbox. This will give you a private message box where you will only receive notifications about really important messages.

Instagram Threads Automatic States

Shared states are one of the assets of the new application

Instagram Threads comes with a feature that will definitely make you talk. As well as allowing you to share multiple custom statuses so you can keep your group of friends informed about what you're doing, you also have the "Auto Status" option.

By enabling this feature, Instagram Threads will ask you to access various information such as location, movement, battery level and internet connection. This will automatically see your status updated whenever you are in a prominent place or doing an activity.

However, concerns about the security of users' privacy are obvious. That's why Instagram made a point of pointing out that this option is 100% optional and arrives disabled when you install the application.

After we see Instagram Direct being eliminated in May this year, it will be interesting to see how this new approach will affect users. It should not be long before the first statistics on installations and active users begin to appear.

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