Instagram removes IGTV button because (almost) nobody uses it

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As Tech Crunch advances, Facebook is removing the IGTV button from Instagram. This button allowed quick access to the video feed on Instagram as well as allowing users to create or upload videos. Due to the low use of the button, the company decided to remove it completely.

fb igvt
Instagram interface with and without the button

This removal is happening gradually, that is, you may still be able to see the icon on your device. According to Facebook’s statements, few users use the button and most use the Explore tab to find new content from photos to videos.

If you are an Instagram user, in fact how many times have you used the IGTV button? According to Facebook, it was not enough to justify keeping the button on the interface.

IGTV app managed only 1.1 million downloads

There is also the dedicated IGTV application, available for Android and iOS. However, since its launch in 2018, only 1% of Instagram users downloaded the app, resulting in 1.1 million downloads, according to market research firm Sensor Tower.

In comparison, the similar app TikTok has already reached 1.5 billion downloads in the same amount of time. The app is obviously infinitely more popular than IGTV, which tried to be similar by creating fast videos and keeping the same options as Stories.

This is a lesson that demonstrates that it is not always necessary to create dedicated apps for existing functions. The Instagram app already has the most used functions, and the overwhelming majority of users did not feel the need to have a separate application.

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