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Instagram removes cosmetic surgery cosmetic filters

Instagram removes cosmetic surgery cosmetic filters

Recently there have been filters that simulate plastic surgery on Instagram. Justifying that they want to create a positive experience for their users, the social network is banning most of these filters, the most famous being "Plastica" and "FixeMe".

These filters came as a result of the possibility for users to create their own filters. Like Snapchat, shared filters can be downloaded and used by others, spreading quickly across the platform.

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<p>The plastic filter showed simulations of lip injections or facial implants. The FixMe filter simulated the pen markings that a plastic surgeon usually makes as a procedure before the operation. None of the filters are available on Instagram.</p>
<p>The truth is that Instagram is a social network very focused on appearances, since its users interact through photos and not text, unlike Twitter, for example. Therefore, this decision seems to reflect an attempt to improve the public image of the social network.</p>
<h2>FixMe creator accused Instagram of hypocrisy</h2>
<p>After removing the filters, FixMe creator Daniel Mooney made some statements about the situation. The creator said the purpose of the filter was to criticize plastic surgery and not to promote it. In addition, Mooney stressed the fact that the most followed people on Instagram are "full" of plastics.</p>
<p>Mooney was probably referring to Kim Kardashian and his family, who own the accounts with the most followers on the social network. On the other hand, Mooney seems to be contradicting himself because the description of his filter says "live up to your plastic surgery fantasy", even though he said he doesn't promote such actions.</p>
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