Home Social networks Instagram may add links to the photos … if you pay extra!

Instagram may add links to the photos … if you pay extra!

Instagram may add links to the photos … if you pay extra!

Instagram has been growing exponentially, however, it is not a perfect social network. Even though it created a business for brands and influencers, the social network is not properly created for that purpose.

An example of this is the impossibility of creating links in the descriptions of the photographs. However, the Facebook patent (Instagram's parent company) provides a solution. Users can pay for that to happen.

Instagram solution would be to charge 2 $ to put a link

Insgram's patent charging for links

The patent could not be more descriptive of the characteristic. When the application identified that there was a URL, a pop-up would jump to activate the link for 2 $. The equivalent of € 1.69.

This was a solution for many brands or influencers who believed that that link could bring them extra income that they would pay for that amount.

However, it is not for all users. Imagine that we published all the news as a photo on Instagram and put a link? We were quickly going bankrupt.

Still, it seems like a plausible solution for Instagram to leave the typical “link in the Bio”. Or the typical “Swipe up” in Stories that only a few verified users can do.

A patent guarantees nothing

Instagramer, instafood

However, it is worth noting that this is just a patent of the idea. That is, there is nothing guaranteed. In fact, the patent was initially registered in 2016. I fully believe that if Insragram wanted to activate it, it had already done so. Until a solution arrives, we will continue to read the typical “link in the bio” in the description of the photographs.

However, since you are here, if you want, take a leap to our Instagram and take the opportunity to follow. Something tells me that you're going to like what we're doing.

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