Home Tablets Instagram: If you think your account is really private, you're very wrong!

Instagram: If you think your account is really private, you're very wrong!

Instagram: If you think your account is really private, you're very wrong!

Instagram has become over the last few years one of the most popular social networks ever, crowding many millions of active users every day.

Many of these users have decided to make their accounts private so that they can have greater control over who can see their posts. If you are one of those users, you better be careful as your account is not as private as you might think.

Accessing photos and videos from private Instagram accounts is very simple

Contrary to what you might think, it is relatively simple to be able to access and share content posted to a private Instagram account. However, there is a small fundamental detail that can make the process slightly more complicated in some situations.

In order to gain access to the URL that gives access to a particular video or photo, you must be authorized to view the content of the account. However, once you can access the URLs, anyone with whom you share the information will be able to view the content even without even having a registered social network account.

In addition, access to these URLs allows anyone to download "allegedly private" content to their computers without being informed.

How to share this "private" content

Through the web version of Instagram, just use the functionality to parse the page source code, present in virtually all browsers. Then simply locate the URL of the image or video in question, and do a simple copy / paste.

It's stupidly easy to make private content on Instagram extremely public. There is no doubt that this is a serious security breach of users' privacy, especially when offered an option to make their accounts private.

Most likely the social network will create some kind of protection that will no longer allow easy access to private content URLs. However, no official comment has yet been issued regarding this issue.

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